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9 Quick Minimalist Makeup Tips

Not only is the minimalist makeup look something that is on trend at the moment, but going minimal will save you so much time when it comes to getting ready each day. 

Don’t feel confident or knowledgable enough to go minimal with your makeup? 

Here are nine tips to get you started…

Spend Time on the Prep Stage

The prep stage is so important when it comes to minimal makeup. Without this, you will likely find it so much harder to pull off a flawless look. 

What does the prep stage involve? 

It basically involves preparing your skin. This consists of: 

  • Cleansing – this clears away any dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil from the surface of your skin 
  • Exfoliation – this gives your pores a cleanse, and can really help with skin roughness. However, exfoliation is something that you should only be doing twice a week or so 
  • Face Mask – this isn’t essential, but the added moisture and nourishment a mask gives to your skin will give you a healthier base to work from. The Lionesse Morganite Magnetic Mask is a good one to start with, thanks to its blend of nourishing oils and botanicals
  • Serum – again, this isn’t essential, but can help to give your skin an added glow 
  • Moisturizer – this is definitely an important step, as it will help your makeup to last for longer 
Young woman applying moisturizer

If you’re short on time, the two steps that you should still follow are cleansing and moisturizing, as these are both key when it comes to the minimalist look. 

Of course, a primer is a must too. 

Wondering what a primer does? 

It should be applied over the top of your moisturizer, and it basically gives your makeup a good base onto which it can grip. It will enable you to apply your makeup to your skin much more easily, and will also ensure that it lasts for longer. 

You will find that when your skin is properly prepped, this saves you from having to use as much foundation or concealer as you otherwise would have. 

Minimal Makeup Doesn’t Mean No Makeup

Many people think that the minimalist makeup look means that makeup isn’t needed at all, leading to them throwing out the majority of their makeup when dedicating themselves to this trend. 

However, you need to be strategic about this…

Minimalist makeup doesn’t mean no makeup. Instead, to pull this look off, you need to use makeup in a way that makes it seem as though you aren’t wearing any at all. 

Of course, you can go completely bare-faced if you want, but many people have imperfections that they will still want to hide, while others will have features that they want to highlight. 

So, don’t throw out all of your makeup just yet…

Instead, get organized instead. 

Place all of your cosmetic products onto a counter or table. 

Then, sort them into the following three piles: 

  • Keep – you will only really need a travel-sized makeup bag for the products you are keeping for the minimalist look, as there won’t be too many 
  • Put Away – to make your life a little easier, put all of your non-minimalist makeup products into a bag and store these away. Don’t throw them out, as you may want to go for a non-minimalist look at some point 
  • Give Away/ Throw Out – as you sort through your makeup, you will likely find a few products that you either don’t want any more, or have expired. Yes, makeup does expire, so make sure that you check all of your products properly and throw out any that are no longer in date 

Learn How to Blend

Blending does take quite a bit of practice, but this is a technique definitely worth mastering if you want to perfect the minimalist look. 

Wondering how to blend makeup effectively? 

It all depends on the products that you are using: 

  • Foundation – mixing your foundation in with some moisturizer will help you to blend it seamlessly, and it will look so much more natural too. Begin by dabbing, rather than brushing, the foundation onto your skin. Then,  start blending, beginning at the center of your face and blending outwards. Make sure that you also blend your foundation down onto your neck to keep your face looking natural 
  • Blush – blush should be swirled onto the skin, as this prevents harsh lines from forming. While you may be tempted to use a large brush, this will minimize how much the pigment shows up on your face. To be more precise, go for a smaller brush. You could also try going over your blush with your foundation brush once you are done, as this will help to tone down the color 
  • Bronzer – applying this in sweeping motions will enable you to blend a bronzer so much better 
  • Eye Shadow – after applying your eye shadow, use a clean brush to blend it in. This prevents you from adding more shadow to your face than you need to

Knowing how to blend means that you can wear more makeup, even when going for the minimalist look. Good blending prevents makeup from looking too heavy and harsh, making this a technique worth learning. 

Go for the Right Color Palette

Even though you can’t go for bright and bold colors when putting together a minimalist makeup look, you will still need a few natural-looking shades, meaning that you should still choose a color palette. 

Assorted makeup brushes and beige color palette

The minimalist look works best when you stick to colors from the same family, even if most of these may be quite neutral colors. 

How do you choose a color palette? 

It all depends on your skin tone. Identify a shade that works well with your skin tone, and then build up a color palette around this. 

Here are some guidelines:

  • Very fair skin – a peachy pink will resemble the shade your skin turns when it naturally flushes
  • Fair skin – a dusty rose will give you some added color, without looking unnatural 
  • Olive skin – go for an apricot-based color palette, making sure that all your makeup formulas feature a sheer finish 
  • Medium skin – a warm peach will give your skin a beautiful glow 
  • Dark skin – a golden champagne is great for highlighting dark skin in a natural way, while a terracotta color will brighten your complexion up 

Once you have picked your main color, you can use a color wheel to find other subtle, but complementary, colors that will work well with your main shade. 

Make Your Products Multi-Functional

One of the great things about the minimalist makeup look is that one product can actually be used for a few different things. This is a great way to keep your look more natural, as you are using the same shade and formula all over your face. 


Take a creamy blush stick for example. Not only can you use this as a blush, but you can also use it to give your lips and eyes some extra color. 

A bronzer is also a great example. This is a product that adds definition to your face, but also works so well as an eye shadow. 

Define, Rather than Dramatize, Your Eyes

You don’t need to leave your eyes bare when going for the minimalist makeup look, but you do need to be careful about the eye makeup that you apply. Going too heavy with your eyes will immediately make your face look so much less natural and minimal. 

So, how should you do your eyes? 

An eyeliner is a great tool, but this should be a pencil rather than a pen, as this will give you a much more subtle and natural finish. Go for a black or brown shade, depending on your eye and skin color. 

Wondering how to apply the eyeliner in a way that keeps it looking minimal? 

Apply it to your top and bottom waterline, keeping it relatively light. Then, squeeze your eyes shut for a while. 


Because this will help to move the pigment towards your eyelash roots. This will then enhance and define your eyes, without making it obvious that you are wearing eyeliner. 

Feel naked without your mascara? 

Mascara, when used correctly, has its place in a minimal makeup look too…

Here’s a trick to try: 

  • Apply your mascara as usual 
  • Take two cotton buds and apply some makeup remover to them 
  • Pinch your lashes in between the cotton buds to remove any excess mascara, preventing your lashes from looking too heavy 

Apply Your Bronzer in the Right Places

A bronzer is a great way to give your face some definition. 

However, you want your bronzer to look as minimal as possible, meaning that you need to be strategic when applying it. 

Want to know the secret? 

It all comes down to where on your face you place your bronzer…

Here are some tips to follow: 

  • Swirl your brush in your bronzer, keeping the layer of product on your brush quite light. It will look more natural to build these layers up lightly, rather than applying too much at once 
  • Hold your brush at the outer edge of your forehead and then sweep this downwards in the shape of a number “3”
  • Sweep the brush lightly along your hairline 
  • Smile, and then, beginning at the apples of your cheeks, swipe the bronzer over your cheekbones, moving this up slightly towards your hairline 
  • Sweep your bronzer along your jawline for some extra definition 
  • Use a clean brush to softly blend in all of the bronzer that you have just applied. Begin at the center of your face and work your way outwards in circular motions, making sure to include your neck too 
  • If you notice any harsh lines after blending, use a powder to tone these down 

What type of brush should you be using to apply your bronzer? 

Any large brush will do. However, to keep things looking as subtle as possible, you may find that a fan brush is best. 

Of course, the shade of your bronzer makes a difference too. Ideally, it should only be a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. You want it to warm your skin and give it a bit of depth, without looking too obvious.

Don’t Cover Up Your Features that Make You Special

Do you have any facial features that you always try to cover up or change? 

This could be anything from freckles to strong eyebrows. 

Well, if you learn to love all of these unique features that make you you, the minimalist makeup look immediately becomes so much easier. 

The minimalist look is actually a great way to encourage self-love. While you may find those features too quirky for your liking, they are what make you original, and they are something that you should be proud of. 

Practice Perfecting Your Lips

You don’t have to ignore your lips when it comes to the minimal makeup look. 

You can still wear lipstick, along with lip liner, but you would probably be best off going for a nude shade.

Begin with a lip liner, with a shade as close to your natural skin tone as possible. Use this to line the outside of your lips, or just outside your natural lip line if you want a fuller and plumper effect. 

Then, take a lipstick that is only slightly darker or pinker than your natural lip shade. Your lips won’t look that different, but you will likely notice a slight improvement. Make sure that the formula you pick has a matte finish, as going glossy will be too bold for a subtle, minimal look.

The minimalist makeup look is something that everybody should try. Not only will it save you so much time when getting ready, but this is a trend that will really highlight your unique features in a way that showcases your natural beauty.  


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