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Makeup Disasters You Want to Avoid

Remember that time you over-plucked your eyebrows as a 14-year-old and went to school with half an eyebrow? Or that time you wore too much eye shadow for your choir recital? I’d like to think we’ve all come a long way from those rookie mistakes, but even the best of us fall sometimes. Here’s some things you really shouldn’t be doing when you apply make up!

  1. Drawing lines on the entire brow
    Unless you’re Whoopi Goldberg or at the age where your eyebrow hair is literally non-existent, you’ll really want to just skip drawing a whole brow on. The more natural way of doing this would be to draw a small stroke at the base of your brow and then using clean brush, to run the color over the rest of your brow. That way you’ll clean up the sparse areas and make it look as natural as possible.
  2. Applying too much blush too low on your face.
    I know you’d want to look like you’re in the peak of health with the rosiest of cheeks, but you also risk looking like you’re having heatstroke too if you overdose on the blusher. If you put it a little lower than the apples of your cheeks, the whole effect will just drag your face down and look overdone. Try using a contouring brush and applying color only to the apples of your cheeks, as opposed to the entire sides of your face. This way, your face will be lifted naturally when you blend.
  3. Stretching the area around your eye to make the perfect wing.
    Stretching the skin of your eye back is a huge no-no! Not only does this ruin the elasticity of sensitive skin. Beauty expert Toby Fleischman says if your eye isn’t relaxed when applying makeup, you could end up with a horribly uneven line! While there’s tons of D.I.Y hacks for eyeliner, try using Post-its or even a spoon for creating a wing that’s just the right size for every day wear. Best part is you’ll save the skin around your eye and get that striking cat-eye in a few seconds!
  4. Applying lipstick to naked lips
    When you head to the bathroom after lunch or your coffee break to refresh your look, reapplying your lipstick is a must, but beauty expert Stella Kae says that’s a big mistake if you want your color to last and apply evenly without smearing or drying out your lips. Try using a light face moisturizer on your lips and let it soak in while you do the rest of your makeup routine. After a few minutes, apply your lipstick. The added moisture will ensure your lipstick doesn’t wear off right away and that it glides on much more smoothly and evenly.
  5. Testing your foundations in the wrong spots
    If you’re one of those people in the drugstores that dab on foundation to the back of your hand or your wrist, put that foundation down right now! Matching foundation on the back of the hand will not give you a correct color match because due the skin color on your hands will be slightly different from the color on your face, and this will only end in a mismatched foundation. Try applying the foundation on your jawline or neck so you can clearly see whether the color matches up.
    Take these pointers to heart and I guarantee you won’t get those horrible flashbacks from your teen years!

By Rebecca Vega

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