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Advantages of Using a Hair Serum – Things You Need to Know

Hair serum is a kind of liquid that contains silicon-based content along with ceramides and amino acids. Acting as a mask on the hair scalp, this silicon helps to control curly and frizzy hair and gives a great shine to the hair. With an array of hair serums being available in the market, one needs to make the right choice to keep her healthy and shiny. Hair serums are one of the best ways to revive your lackluster hair. If you are on the war with your dull hair, there are different things to know. For one, you need to have hair serum as the first line of defense on your hair.

Lionesse on hair serum

The main advantages of using a hair serum are discussed below.

•   Protecting you from pollution

The environment doesn’t just consist of oxygen and everything good – you have to be wary of the harmful UV rays of the sun, pollution, humidity and dust which can damage our hair and make it weak, brittle and prone to hair loss. Hair serum helps protect our hair from all these factors and more by acting as a shield and preventing the hair from becoming dry.

•   Are you looking for a great conditioner?

Hair serums make for a great conditioner as they help to control frizzy and rough hair. Oils, on the other hand, make the hair stick to the scalp by increasing their greasiness and are compared to be an inferior product as compared to serums.

•   Protection from UV rays

Most hair serums contain a UV protection formula that helps to protect the hair from the harmful rays of the sun. If your hair is constantly exposed to the sun-rays without any protective layer such as a serum on it, it might get completely damaged in a few weeks time making it dry, brittle and weak.

•   Protection from heating tools

Your hair can be damaged with continuous use of curling tools and heating irons. It is advisable to use hair serums after making your hair go through such harsh treatments. They help to reduce the side effects that these treatments can have on the hair and also work as a protective mask for the future. By applying hair serums before using a curling tool, one can prevent over-heating of the hair. Once the serum is applied either use a dryer to dry your hair or even better let it naturally air dry for best results.

•   What is the type of lustre you are looking at?Beautiful Brunette Girl. Healthy Long Hair. White Background

Hair serums give your hair a very nice and lustrous look that is not easy to miss. It gives life to dull and damaged hair and makes it completely tangle-free. Your hair gets a healthy sheen, something that you’re looking for when you are using a hair serum.

In order to apply a hair serum, you need to first wash the hair with a mild shampoo. Rinse off and take a small amount of serum in your hands. Smear on palms and apply on hair evenly. Do not apply serum on the scalp. Let the serum air-dry and then style hair as needed.
Use a hair serum product that’s tailored to your needs. Have a look at the ingredients when choosing the hair serum product to know how it can help you. You can check out the different reviews of the hair serum product as well – this will help you develop an idea on how effective the product actually is.


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