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Instagram Looks We Love

When Susan Sarandon said, “We need a witness to our lives,” it is doubtful that she anticipated anything like Instagram. The phenomena is among the latest platforms to hit socials media, and is quickly replacing the need for a significant other in our lives. Healthy or unhealthy, one thing is for sure: there is rarely a dull moment with Instagram. Here are some of the looks we are loving from the newest social media darling.

Celebrities at Coachella
When thousands of people gather in the desert for two weekends of music and love, there are bound to be a few Instagrammable moments, but when you add celebrities to the mix, it becomes a who’s who of the who’s who. Here are some celebrity Instagrams from Coachella you might want to check out.

  • Katy Perry
    Search out photos of the pop diva showing off her new buzz cut and her midriff. You can see Katy hanging out with some inflatable sea horses in her Goddess emblazoned tank and nameplate necklace.
  • Kylie Jenner
    Never one to miss a photo op, you can see Kyle barely sporting a gold micro mini with fluorescent green hair chowing down on some In and Out curly fries.
  • Rhianna
    As if she needed any more sparkle,  Rhianna is a definite must see in sparkling sheer glitter body suit, rhinestone glasses, and platform clunky black workbooks.

photo shoot

Makeup On Instagram
It’s not surprising that the world of Instagram and the world of makeup were eventually destined to meet.  Here are some of the best makeup artists to check out on Instagram:

  • @Loreleicakes
    An overnight success story, Lora went from working at a MAC counter one day to becoming Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour makeup artist. Learn how to do winged lipstick with this Instagrammer.
  • @Pala Foxxia
    The account of Julie San Agustin, Pala Foxxia is a great source for recreating everything from pinup girl to glamour girl which promoting Lupus awareness.  She’s also apparently great with eyebrows!
  • @Maya Mia Y
    If you’re looking for an interactive experience with your makeup artist, Maya is the one for you.  Not only do her step-by-step tutorials make complicated makeup application look easy, she is also constantly attentive to her fans, answering questions, reposting looks and personally thanking her followers.

Fresh-Faced Celebs
You always want a chance to see the not so glamorous side of your fave celebs, and your favorite celebs seem more than happy to show you.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow
    Yes, she dares. Gwyneth celebrated her 44th birthday by posting her fearlessly fresh face on Instagram, thanking her fans for “the instalove.”
  • Cindy Crawford
    You can see Cindy trading in the professional lighting for natural sunlight on her no makeup Instagram.
  • Katie Holmes
    Katie not only skipped the makeup, she didn’t even bother to dry her hair. Catch Katie’s fresh from the shower look on her latest post.

What are you following, or what should we be following, on Instagram? Let us know what we’re missing!


By Lionesse

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