Incorporating Color into your Summer Eye Makeup Routine

Summer is one of the most fun and exciting times of year. It is full of new and exhilarating experiences that keep you on the edge of your seat. It only makes sense that your makeup routine gets a new and fresh look too. Adding color to your eye makeup routine can really help to update your look. It is an easy technique that allows you to reinvent yourself. It is also a fun and modern way to change up your day to day look.


Incorporating color into your routine is not as hard as it seems. There are many new products available on the market that offer a variety of eye-popping colors. One of the first makeup products to jump on board was eyeliner. You can now buy eyeliner in pretty much any color you can dream of. It is not only reserved for just black or brown anymore. It is now offered in all colors of the rainbow. While you have your choice of many, some colors might be more flattering than others. Blue is a great choice because it will work well for any and everyone. While a darker blue could be suitable for all year long, a lighter of more turquoise color would be fun for summer. A violet shade will also look good on just about anyone because purple naturally highlights and brightens the face. However, don’t be afraid to wear other colors as many will look beautiful on!


Mascara even comes in a variety of colors to brighten up your lashes and give them some personality. Lengthen your lashes in shades of color. Purples, blues and dark greens can really help to make your eyes stand out. Mascara naturally opens open the eye and adding color will further this. This is a great and cool way to bring attention to your eyes.


The summer is a great time to experiment with eyeshadow colors as well. It is the perfect time to steer away from the neutral colors you might be putting on all year long. Try updating your look with bright and bold colors that will make people take a double take. There are no rules when it comes to what type of eyeshadow colors to wear. Be bold and brave by trying something out of your comfort zone.

There are many options with makeup formulas as well. For eyeliners, there are both liquid and pencil types. Liquid is slightly more advanced so if you are just starting out, pencil is probably the way to go. It will be easier to control than liquid. When it comes to eyeshadow, they have both a creamy or powder finish. This choice depends on what look you are going for. A creamy finish will give your lid a shinier more soft appearance while a powder will give you a mat one.

It is important to constantly try to evolve and your makeup should be no different. Have fun this summer by incorporating colors in unexpected ways on your eyes!


By Lionesse

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