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How To Swim In Makeup

Remember all those things that your elders warned you not to do when you were young, only to find out, years later, that most of them won’t harm you? Well, swimming with makeup on is one of those things. Although it may have been a beauty taboo when you were younger, it turns out that it’s not that bad to swim with makeup on. The one exception here is that when you’re finished—whether you enjoy splashing in the pool or jumping waves at the beach—it’s best to wash your face. If you choose not to clean your face after swimming the wet makeup will dry out with your wet skin, this not only allows for bacteria to sit on the skin but it can also lead to red or itchy skin irritation. With less than two months of summer left, there’s no reason to not be outside enjoying the weather. Plus, now that you know it’s okay to enjoy the water with makeup on you’ll have a blast while looking cute and feeling confident. Read on for tips and tricks from the experts on wearing makeup at the beach or pool.

  • SPF is an absolute must. Just because you have makeup on doesn’t mean that your skin is protected from the sun. Not only should you be wearing sunblock from head to toe, but you should use makeup that also has SPF.
  • Always apply sunblock before anything else, even your bathing suite. This way you can moisturize and protect your skin. Be sure that you give the sunblock on your face and neck about ten or fifteen minutes to dry. Then you can go ahead and apply your SPF foundation.
  • Don’t worry about contouring at the beach, the sun will give you a natural-looking glow. Not to mention, a powder bronzer is likely to cake-up once it’s splashed with water. If you really must contour, your best bet is to get a liquid foundation with SPF that’s a few shades darker than your normal shade.
  • In addition to SPF products, it’s also a good idea to use waterproof or water-resistant cosmetics. Yes, you can get waterproof coverage and sun protection all in the same product!
  • Tinted lip balm is a great choice for a day by lounging by the pool or relaxing at the beach. Lipsticks are often drying and lip gloss can be a sticky pain with the smallest gust of wind. Tinted lip balm, on the other hand, provides a mess-free, easy to apply color while moisturizing your lips AND usually is available with SPF.
  • A setting spray is a good option if you know that you won’t have many opportunities to check or touch-up your makeup. If you know you’ll be sweating or getting splashed, setting sprays are always a good idea.
  • When you get out of the water avoid rubbing your face dry, instead, use the towel to pat your skin and absorb the moisture.

By Lionesse

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