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Here’s To A Dry And Odor-Free Summer

The concept of deodorant seems pretty simple, right? In fact, you probably hesitated even clicking on this article because you already know how to use deodorant…right? Truth be told, you might have it all wrong. Contrary to popular belief, there’s a bit more to odor protection than just swiping the stick underneath your arms. It’s okay, we were a bit taken back, too. However, summer is right around the corner, which makes the tips in this article essential for you to have one of your best, dry and odor-free summers yet!

Areas of Application
From this point forward, if you complain about midsummer sweat behind your knees, we might be judging you. That’s because, as of now, you are totally aware that you can apply antiperspirant to the backs of your knees—woo hoo! That’s not all, while deodorant is most commonly applied to the underarms—and behind the knees, as we just discussed—it can also be applied on your inner thighs (to prevent chafing), on the back of your neck, and in between or underneath your breasts.

When To Apply
Somewhere along the lines, women got the idea that it’s best to apply deodorant or antiperspirant right after shaving. However, this may not be the best idea; shaving leaves the skin vulnerable and often irritated. Applying deodorant or antiperspirant immediately after shaving is bound to aggravate the skin, ultimately causing it to burn. So, if you’ve just shaved, it’s best to wait a few minutes before applying anything. On the flip side of things, there are some folks—you know who you are—who have a habit of applying antiperspirant or deodorant after they’ve started sweating. This is just about as effective as applying perfume mid workout. If you’ve already started sweating, your glands will continue to sweat, the effectiveness of either an antiperspirant or a deodorant cannot be guaranteed at this point. To provide yourself with the best sweat and stink protection, you should apply your chosen product after you’ve showered and dried off completely; if you just shaved, give yourself a few extra minutes.


Deodorant Versus Antiperspirant
Is there a difference? If you think yes, then you’re right! However, understanding what makes one different from another is the key to success—as far as sweat and stink are concerned, anyways. Deodorant kills bacteria as it’s produced; this happens when your sweat glands release proteins and fats, which trigger the deodorant, ultimately masking the scent of the sweat. Antiperspirant, on the other hand, works a little bit differently! Rather than covering the smell of sweat, like deodorant, antiperspirant actually prevents sweating. This ultimately means less underarm wetness and stink altogether.

Don’t Overdo It
Have you ever heard the saying “too much of a good thing” and thought to yourself, how could that be possible?  Well, deodorant and antiperspirant are exactly how. Over application can lead to stained clothing, clogged pores, and ingrown hairs. Experts say the when using a sold, you only need about two-to-three swipes. If you’re a fan of the twist up gels, two-to-three clicks should do the trick.


By Lionesse

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