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Gold Is Trending for Fall

As humans, we have a strange fascination with gold. In many ways it is a relatively ordinary metal without too many practical purposes. We turned it into something desirable though when we discovered its beauty.

That beauty has lead the powerful and the famous to wear gold jewelry since civilization began. It was a marker and symbol of their status that they could have such jewelry. Things haven’t changed that much over time.

We still value gold and use it largely to adorn ourselves with even though we’ve discovered other uses for it over time. Some of them are particularly interesting.

Let’s take a quick look:

  • Edible decoration
  • Makeup ingredients
  • Special edition books
  • Architecture
  • Circuitry

Gold interior design

With all the uses we’ve put it to, it makes sense that we’d keep looking for ways to use it. We end up using its color more than anything. Gold is trending this fall for exactly that reason.

It proved to be a popular way to accent the appearance of models on the runways at the fall Fashion Weeks this year. That’s worth taking note of as there isn’t always such strong consistency. There are plenty of ways you can use this to your advantage.

We’re going to take a look at some of the ways you can make the most of this trend in your fashion choices this fall. That way you can look your best in one of humanity’s favorite colors throughout fall.

Looking Healthy

One of the key uses for gold tinted makeup is to highlight or accent features. This works well thanks to it being an almost universally complementary shade. Golden tones help to bring a bit of life and color back to the face.

That’s why you’ll frequently see them used in contouring the face. Good locations to focus golden toned makeup is on the cheeks and brow. These provide a subtle accent without being overwhelming.

It is a healthy look that will be more important as fall wears on. Remember that many regions of the northern hemisphere will be getting colder and less easy to enjoy over time. We start covering up and getting less sun.

That’s why it is worth remembering anything you can do to help keep yourself looking healthier. Combining good contouring practices with golden toned makeup and light use of sunless tanning products will keep you looking fresh from summer.

Want to know the best part?

You can use the same shading tricks to accent areas such as your cupid’s bow or other areas where the light catches for an extra boost. This tends to be even more subtle than contouring, but the results benefit you in much the same way.

Keep looking slightly sun-kissed throughout fall to leave people wondering how you can keep looking your best for so long. There’s more to do though.

Accenting The Edges

The trick to making the most of one’s appearance is to work towards knowing what to highlight and what to leave alone. Even small accents to otherwise less noticeable areas can do wonders for your appearance.

Your nails are a good example of this. Most of the time people don’t notice your nails, even if you take good care of them, without polish of some sort to draw the eye. The right color can make a statement without being too overwhelming.

Golds are in for fall and you can do a lot with this trend. Solid colors are a safe, traditional look that you can use to complement your overall look. The look is particularly suitable for formal occasions.

Here’s the thing:

You can do more.

Nail art in particular tends to be a popular and less subtle way to express yourself. Gold is perfect for this as it can be a background, an accent, or a highlight depending on how you want to use it. Consider experimenting with your options.

A nice solid color with a color pattern over it can make for an eye-catching statement that works with your overall look or be the statement itself in an understated ensemble. The trick is finding what works for you. Don’t stop at your nails though.

The Eyes Have It

Most of us immediately leap to eye liner and shadow when we think about eye makeup. The former because learning to use liquid liner is an often painful challenge and the later because it can be so easy to make mistakes with eye shadow.

We all eventually learn how to make the most of our makeup though regardless of the age we start learning at though. That’s when learning to play with color becomes even more important. Gold is useful and on trend when it comes to your eyes too.

The most important part to remember is that you need to make a choice: upper or lower. Which eyelid you choose will help determine how your choice ends up looking. The upper lid is a classic, yes, but the lower lid can be bold and help emphasize your eyes.

Both of these work well with shades of gold for the same reason that other gold makeups will benefit your this fall. The potential for a subtle, warm glow is enough to make you look healthy. Opting for something more obvious can have benefits though.

Bright, shining golds can help accent your lids regardless of which your choose to highlight. There’s even a smaller trend within this larger trend that is favoring bolder option. The idea is to highlight the eyes with clear, bold colors.

As much as you can do with your eyes, you’ve still got other ways to turn the golden trend to your advantage.

Gilded Lips

We’ve skipped over the lips until now as lip color tends to be a difficult subject to get right. People will argue that natural is better while others favor bold, obvious colors. There’s no single right answer, but using this trend will mean favoring more obvious shades this fall.

Metallic gold shades aren’t necessarily ideal for all lips. The color tends to clash a lot and be too far from believable shades to feel tasteful. More golden shades of other colors tend to be more universally viable.

That means you get to play with the gentler colors of fall. The golden reds and oranges can be a particularly attractive set of choices. They’re bold enough to add a splash of color while still easy enough to match to a variety of looks.

Don’t forget:

Using various techniques to help your lips look a bit fuller in fall can be advisable as the season wears on. Colder, drier air will take over and be drying your lips out by then. This will reduce their overall appearance.

Try to remember to regularly apply lip balms and similar moisturizers to keep protecting your lips as well. This will prevent any damage from building up throughout fall that you’ll need to handle during winter. This is crucial.

Staying ahead of potential damage and using the right colors will let you look fabulous all fall as long as you make the effort. You’ll probably want to experiment with more than makeup before fall is through though.

Shining Jewelry

As with most years, jewelry has its own trends that blend with and overlap with broader fashion trends. This year is no different. There’s plenty for you to use alongside the trend to favor golden options too.

Earrings in particular have been the highlight of many jewelry trends this year. Designers have focused on the creation of distinctly eye-catching options. These are often larger earrings designed to play a clear role in an overall ensemble.

Gold is being particularly favored as a material this year thanks to its shine. Metals with a golden sheen are just as welcome in the trend though. The glint and gleam helps to draw the eye towards anyway wearing the jewelry.

Here’s the thing:

The trend carries over into other forms of jewelry too.

Long, layered necklaces are popular as well. Chains of simpler necklaces are ideally thicker and more obvious than other years. In essence, the trend favors obvious additions rather than subtle accents when it comes to jewelry.

Rings don’t escape being part of the trend either. Rich, thick, golden rings were present on plenty of hands this year to help set the trend. The exact nature of the ring did vary though.

Plain rings were the most plentiful option, but ones incorporating jewels were also seen. These favored equally obvious crystals to add to the overall larger is better trend. Admittedly, some of the plainer rings used a signet ring style to create a large yet understated look.

Regardless of your taste in jewelry, you can be sure that gold has its place this fall. Larger, more obvious pieces may have favor, but there is still room for more subtle pieces as long as you remember to go gold.

Stepping Up To Style

Finding the right shoes can truly finish a look. It isn’t always the easiest thing though. After all, the style and color of the shoes goes a long way towards defining how it will look.

Golden tones are popular in every potential piece of an outfit, but one does need to be a bit more selective when moving towards shoes and outfits. A particular garish color is harder to match.

Shoes are actually enjoying a few of the same trends as jewelry at the moment. Jeweled and golden accented shoes in particular are providing a marker of style. Most of the time they’re shared though.

This glitzy approach to footwear offers a way to make a clear statement while still complementing a larger outfit. Jewels and crystals tend to provide the central focus with gold acting to support them. Most of the time the crystals were larger and small in number.


Some designers opted to take this trend as far as possible and used a combination of crystals and golden to create very thoroughly bejeweled shoes. The really decision rests on you to find what matches your style the best.

Wearing Your Best

Some of us may be tempted to dig through our closets or to purchase golden outfits to go with the trend. This is an area where we all need to take a brief moment to assess things before going any farther. After all, golden outfits can be difficult.

The primary thing to keep in mind is that certain shades of gold, particularly metallic, can look less than stylish when used as a large component of an outfit. This is true whether or not something is on trend or not.

Subtler and less obvious shades of gold can work well as outfits though. These tend to be comparatively muted and using the shades offers a nice way to counterpoint one’s more metallic accessories. This is worth keeping in mind when selecting an outfit.

Here’s the good news:

Golden accents tend to work on an outfit regardless of the exact shade of gold. These accents can add depth to a pattern or provide a distinctly eye-catching point to a particular outfit. This is often the most tasteful way to wear golden tones.

Try sticking with more golden tones of particular colors, like we discussed with lip colors, to create a tasteful yet fall oriented visual. This will let you create a look that is on trend while remaining stylish.

All That Glitters

Gold is something that we’re never likely to entirely lose our interest in. The shine and beauty of it simply captures the eye even if it doesn’t necessarily have the most practical uses. Decoration never goes out of style though.

We don’t always get to use gold when it comes to personal style though. Some people end up saying the tones don’t work or a particular use for it isn’t on trend. This year they have no excuse.

Gold is back. Gold is beautiful. Gold is trendy.

That’s something to keep in mind as fall progress. Don’t forget to factor in the changing weather into your use of gold shaded makeup and clothing though. Ensuring your skin remains health is important as things shift towards winter.

Staying alert to these changes and to the trends will keep your stylish and your skin healthy and ready for whatever the weather brings. Just remember to embrace the touch of luxury that this golden trend provides.


By Rebecca Vega

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