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It’s a new year and that means it’s time for a new you! You’re already an amazing, beautiful, and talented person, but the one thing that you – and pretty much every other person –  should be keeping tabs on is your skin care routines. With skin care technologies and beauty products changing so frequently these days, it’s important to change the way you care for your skin. Read on to find an exhaustive list of game-changing skin care tips, some are newer (thanks to the advancements and development due to skin and beauty product research), while others are more “tried and true” tips that you must try for yourself.

Prevent Darkening Dark Spots
As if there weren’t already a million reasons to wear sunscreen, here’s another one: you can prevent dark spots, birthmarks, scars, and stretch marks from getting darker by slathering on the sunscreen before catching some sun.

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Heal With Honey
Natural honey is hydrating, anti-viral, and nourishing, which makes it perfect for caring for chapped lips, dry skin patches, blemishes, and even cold sores.

Hit Snooze
Lack of sleep can lead to all sorts of problems, including stress. When a person is continually stressed, the skin can become dry and dull. Even more, research has found that those who are sleep-deprived have more wrinkle-prone and acne-prone skin. The next time you have the chance to sleep in, hit that snooze button!

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Disinfect To Prevent Infections
Sounds obvious, right? But when was the last time you disinfected your computer, tablet, or cell phone? These are things that we encounter on a continual basis throughout the day. All it takes is typing a few texts while applying makeup to transfer blemish-causing bacteria to the skin. Get in the habit of wiping things down with an antibacterial wipe to prevent everything from breakouts to the common cold.

Visit The Spa
While many people view facials as a treat, they should be a regular component in everyone’s skin care routine. Aestheticians are able to provide all sorts of beneficial treatments that can’t – and shouldn’t – be done at home. Think of facials as a workout for your skin – necessary for optimal health.

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Beat Dry Skin
The best way to beat dry skin is to moisturize like it’s your job! Not just your face either! Immediately after stepping out of the shower, apply a nourishing body lotion from your fingers to your toes, then don’t forget to apply a moisturizing face lotion to your neck and decollete after toning.

Quit Smoking
Although smoking was “cool” years ago, it’s not anymore. There’s no denying that smoking is a hard and nasty habit to break, but those who do have been amazed at the way their skin looks just months afterward.

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Sleep On Your Back
Along with a long list of other benefits, sleeping on your back is one of the best ways to stop wrinkles before they even start. While it might take some time to get used to, you may be able to get some rest knowing that sleeping on your side puts pressure on one side of your face, leading to wrinkles on that side. By sleeping on your back, you’ll be preventing wrinkles in your sleep!


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