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Flaunt Your Preppy Style

When it comes to fashion, the preppy style is always in. This classic, all-American look became popular when Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl was your favorite cable television character. Since then girls and guys everywhere have been channeling the Kennedy’s for style inspiration, more often than not—who can blame them? From bold prints and strategic lines to bright accent colors and care to detail, this proper style is a favorite across the nation! If you’re looking for some inspiration for the classy look, you’re at the right place. Read through the list of prepster-approved style tips and get ready to flaunt your preppy style.

  1. Button up shirts are the perfect preppy go-to; button them up for career-related and other professional events, or wear it unbuttoned for more causal occasions.
  2. When picking out the perfect preppy blouse, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, opt for loose fitting light weight fabrics—these work all year round. Next, choose a blouse that can be tucked into a pencil skirt at the office by day, or left loose with a pair of blue jeans.
  3. Sheer blouses are always a good idea…as long as you make sure that you’re wearing them in a proper manner, with a camisole underneath. Remember, undergarments are not meant to be seen unless you’re in the bedroom. If you’re unsure about a specific shirt, it’s better to err on the side of caution and either ask a friend for their opinion or change into something else.
  4. Layers are key, especially in the fall and spring! The most important thing to remember when layering is to keep the layers clean and sophisticated. This means no clashing colors (even if you’re planning on taking your jacket off).
  5. When it comes to accessories, be bold! There are all kinds of ways to play up an otherwise basic outfit, and when dressing preppy, it’s totally permitted! A chunky watch is a perfect way to add a masculine touch to an otherwise feminine outfit. Or, if you’re not one for chunky watches, how about a flashy necklace! If neither of those is your think, you could opt a pair of chunky pearl earrings.
  6. One can never go wrong with a blazer. Surely you remember Blair Waldorf’s canny ability make any bland outfit, even her school uniform, better with a touch of preppy chic. So, if you have a proper business suit—or stuffy, old school uniform—it’s okay to wear it as separates (that is, wear just the blazer as part of a different outfit). For those of you contemplating if you can—or how to—wear a blazer in the summer, muss no more because blazers look adorable over sheath dresses. This is a perfect way to show off some skin, flaunt your figure while keeping things classy.
  7. If we’ve learned anything from Gossip Girl and Glee, it’s that headbands can pull together just about any look in seconds. Whether your hair is pulled back into a ponytail, tied into a loose braid, or free flowing, a headband is a perfect way to finish any outfit. Right now, thin and embellished headbands are trending, head to the store and pick out a few that suit your personality.

By Lionesse

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