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Eat Your Way to Better Skin

If you’ve ever brushed shoulders with the world of beauty addicts (or if you are one!), then you won’t be surprised to hear that some people indulge in skin care routines that involve layering up to 10 or more different products on the face.

And yet, we often forget that healthy skin can also be influenced by our lifestyle – primarily our diets.

Here’s what you can do to up your skincare game – from the inside.

Snack On Nuts and Seeds

If you’re looking to make the switch from chips and sweets to more healthy snacks, then you probably already know that nuts are the way to go.

Not only do they supply your body with all those good fats, protein and fiber, these diet super-chargers can also be a great way to boost your skin’s appearance.

If almonds are your nut of choice, then you can rejoice, as these nuts are packed with Vitamin E, which has healing properies and can also shield your skin from harmful pollutants.

Try to incorporate walnuts into your diet, and your skin will be treated to a trifecta of benefits – walnuts have anti-inflammatory and anti-acne powers, while the Omega-3 fatty acids will keep your skin looking plump and moist.

Brazil nuts are incredibly tasty and make for a great energy-boosting snack when in a pinch. They are also chock-full of selenium, which can rejuvenate your skin cells and help stall the aging processes.

Pumpkin seeds are packed with zinc, which can help clear your skin and keep it firm and smooth. They also make for a great nutrient-rich snack when you are on the go.

Chia seeds, which are a great addition to any smoothie or salad, are also great for your skin. They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which have the power to plump your complexion and keep the fine lines at bay. They are also super-easy to incorporate into your daily meals – just sprinkle them over your dish or in your juice and you’re good to go.

Replace Sodas with Tea

Are you one of those people who can’t imagine going through a day without a refreshing sip of their favorite pop?

Well, you might change your mind when you hear this: long-term consumption of sugar-laden carbonated drinks can lead to sullen skin and emphasized wrinkles and dry patches.

As heavenly as that jolt of carbs may taste, especially when we are parched, there are way healthier alternatives for both your body and your skin.

And if you think that plain water is just too, how shall we put it… uninspiring to consume throughout the day, why not switch to drinking delicious tea? Not only are teas refreshing and great for calming your nerves, they can also contribute to healthy, glistening complexion.

And if you need to figure out the best brew for your cells, here are some of the healthiest teas you can start sippin’ to beautify your skin.

Green tea has been used for centuries for its powerful medicinal properties. When it comes to benefits for the skin, green tea can be effective in reducing inflammation, while antioxidants found in this tea can do a great job of reducing signs of premature aging.

If you’re more of a peppermint tea fan, you’ll be pleased to hear that this beverage can be a great tool for minimizing acne and perking up dull complexion.

Not only will chamomile tea help you calm down after a long and stressful day, it will also combat any skin irritants due to its immense anti-inflammatory properties.

Lean into Leafy Greens

If you are into health and fitness, then you must have noticed the smoothie craze that’s been raging in the world of health and fitness in recent years.

More often then not, you will notice how these body-boosting concoctions are usually made with some kind of leafy green.

Why is this the case?

Well, leafy greens like kale, spinach, collards and many others are complete game changers when it comes to rejuvenating your skin and body. They contain a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients which are crucial for keeping your body energized and your skin and hair healthy and glowing.

Spinach seems to be the entry-level green due to its mild taste and incredible versatility. When it comes to skin benefits, spinach can be a valuable agent in battling signs of aging, while it’s also packed with antioxidants that can help eradicate free radicals which cause wrinkles and fine lines.

For a quick and simple smoothie, you can combine baby spinach with an apple and banana. Simply blend them and your skin-saving juice is complete!

Kale has become an absolute superstar among health and beauty enthusiast.

And is anyone surprised, really?

If you take into consideration the numerous benefits of this leafy green, the answer should be a clear and resounding ‘no’.

Kale contains high doses of Vitamin K, which can erase hyperpigmentation and dark spots, contributing to a more balanced and even complexion. What’s more, kale can also detoxify your skin promote cell turnover and contribute to a smooth, velvety complexion.

This green powerhouse might be a little trickier to incorporate into your diet due to its bitter taste, but you can solve this problem by counteracting the earthy tang with berries or tropical fruits.

Opt for Omega-3

You have probably heard about Omega-3 as one of those health buzzwords, but how does this relate to your skin?

Before anything, it might be useful to explain what this ingredient is, but also where to find it.

Omega-3 is a fatty acid that’s essential for human health and development; however, the body doesn’t produce this substance naturally, so it can be only taken via food or supplements.

As mentioned before, nuts and leafy greens are packed with these skin-charging fatty acids.

Another rich source of the coveted Omega-3s is fish, seafood and various types of algae.

The creatures of the sea that tend to have the highest concentration of Omega-3 acids are tuna, salmon, anchovies, sardines and other types of oily fish.

When talking about beauty perks, Omega-3 fatty acids’ benefits are numerous and versatile.

First off, Omega-3 fatty acids have the potential to strengthen your skin cells from the inside. This helps form a protective shield that can block harmful UV rays and a host of other environmental pollutants.

Next, they are an invaluable weapon in the fight against signs of aging, because they can boost the collagen production in your skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

Finally, Omega-3s fortify the lipids (natural fats) in your skin. This helps fortify your outer barrier, meaning that not only will pollutant stay out, but you will also be able to lock in the moisture and keep your skin supple and smooth.

Kick Out the Harmful Carbs

When our daily lives become hectic and stressful, we tend to navigate towards the instantly filling, but ultimately harmful diet choices.

Refined carbs like processed flour and sugar may work wonders when you need a quick pick-me-up, but they can be devastating for your skin and overall health in the long run.

Why is that?

Even though the link between processed carbs and bad skin has historically been denied, routine consumption of these high GI (glycemic index) carbohydrates can actually lead to accelerated sebum production, which can then clog up your pores and contribute to appearance of acne and blackheads.

Moreover, when refined sugar gets into your bloodstream, it forms links with other proteins and creates the so-called glycation end products (i.e. the AGEs), which can cause damage to collagen and elastin. The less collagen your skin has, the more it becomes damaged and brittle.

But how do you avoid these easy, delicious treats?

Well, you can always opt for healthier alternatives to sweeten your meals, like maple syrup, apple sauce or raw honey.

Not only will these nature-derived goodies make your bites more delicious, they will also be much better for your complexion.

And if white bread and pasta are your skin’s arch-nemesis, then replace wheat flour with healthier options like buckwheat, spelt, quinoa or brown rice.

Cherish Your Berries

If you are in need of healthy, skin-boosting everyday snacks that aren’t nuts, you can always find a way to incorporate berries into your everyday diet.

These all-natural bites are also great for perking up your skin.

How come?

Well, berries are rich in a number of skin-replenishing nutrients, including:

Antioxidants in particular are potent in forming a protective barrier on your skin that will protect it from everyday grime, but also from sun damage. They also contain ellagic acid, which prevents the collagen and elastin in your skin from breaking down. In reality, this means your skin will look more voluminous and fresh.

And if you’re curious about beauty benefits of particular berries, here is a quick rundown.

Blueberries can be effective in fighting free radical, but also reducing the appearance of capillaries and veins on the skin, contributing to a more even complexion.

On the other hand, blackberries can help reduce inflammation, but also protect your skin from environmental damage. They are also helpful in reducing signs of premature aging.

Goji berry, which is becoming increasingly popular among beauty connoisseurs, is unrivaled when it comes to combating free radicals and minimizing signs of damaged skin. By introducing goji berries into your everyday diet, you can also contribute to a clearer, brighter complexion.

Drink More Water

It may sound painfully obvious, but it bears repeating: high water intake is crucial if you want your skin to be nurtured and healthy.

Just think about it: our entire body, including our skin cells, is mostly made up of water.

So, the logic simple – when your skin is not getting the amount of water it needs, it can end up feeling parched.

And this kind of dehydration manifests itself in dull complexion, as well as cracked skin and rough texture. When the skin is dry, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles become more visible.

If you want to avoid all the adverse effects water deprivation has on your skin, it is crucial to regularly replenish your cells with moisture from withinby drinking healthy amounts of H2O.

The benefits will be multifold. First, with increased water intake, your skill will begin to look soft and supple; you will also boost its elasticity.

Gulping on H2O is also great if you want to minimize chances of breakouts and acne. Water cells help break down the oil that accumulates in your pores, effectively reducing the appearance of blackheads and zits.

If you don’t have a natural reflex to drink water throughout the day, invest in a stylish, BPA-free water bottle that you can sip from and refill whenever you need a hydration boost.

Alternatively, set an alarm on your phone that can remind you to supply your body with precious aqua at certain points during the day.

With some luck, this list has succeeded in making the case for healthier lifestyle choices when it comes to skin care. With a little bit of patience and practice, we are sure you will start noticing all the wonderful effects this skin-boosting diet will have on your complexion.


By Lionesse

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