Easy Summer Outfits

“Fashion is what you buy
Style is what you do with it”
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Maybe it’s everlasting days which fill the warm summer months, that have a canny way of instigating us to play with fashion and take style risks. Perhaps it’s an overdose of the sun that encourages us to show more skin. It could even be the simplicity of the stars, which seem to shine a little brighter, that inspire us to muster up the confidence that’s been hidden all winter long. Whatever the case, women everywhere are known for their knack to dress to impress, for just about any occasion, during summer evenings. Whether you’re going to a casual bonfire, an evening patio party, or heading out for a night on the town with the girls, you’re bound to fall in love with these easy summer outfits.

Woman wearing a hoodie

Gray Hoodie and Cutoff Shorts
This outfit is perfect when you’re heading to a small beach blaze with your new boy or a backyard bonfire with your closest friends. It seems that bonfires and hoodies go together like chocolate and marshmallows. Although typical, one of the easiest summer evening outfits is put together with your favorite gray hoodie and a pair of cutoff shorts. If you’re with your crush, it’ll show that you are okay with simple things, and if you’re visiting with friends, it’ll guarantee that you’ll be comfy for the undoubtedly long night of gossip. Complete the look with a pair of converse and some cute chunky stud earrings – every once in a while they’ll catch the fires light, drawing attention to your smile. Pull your hair into a loose French braid or French fishtail so that it’ll be out of your face when you’re munching on smores.

Tank top and shorts

Distressed Cutoff Shorts and Loose Tank
This outfit is ideal for the neighbors housewarming patio party or your sister’s birthday party. If you’re into festival style, you’ll love this one. Slip into the most distressed cutoff shorts you own and pair them with a simple solid color loose fitting tank; The key is to keep it simple, go for something like a white deep-v or a black scoop neck. If the length of the shirt allows, tuck the front in, this way you can show off those daisy dukes which draw the eye to your tan, toned legs. Find a pastel colored cardi to throw over your tank, this way you aren’t too chilly when the sun goes down. Finish the look with simple accessories such as a gold bar pendant hung upon a gold chain and a few gold and silver stacked bangles.

Woman wearing bright shorts.

Well Fitting Patterned or Bright Colored Shorts
This outfit is great for a summer concert or a girls night out. Ultra tight mini dresses and hiked up miniskirts are fun when you’re young, but they start to lose their likability after being worn a handful of times. Rather than an uncomfortable mini, find yourself a pair of well fitting patterned or bright colored shorts. Make sure they are long enough to be considered age appropriate, but short enough to show off your sexy legs. Let the shorts be the key piece of the outfit by pairing it with a loose fitting black blouse. When you’re ready to hit the town, slip on a pair of nude heels to finish the look!


By Lionesse

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