Dressing Up Denim

Women shopping for jeans.

Every adult has had a love affair with a favorite pair of jeans at least once in their lifetime. You know, that one pair that you did or do live in; the pair fit your waist perfectly without riding up or falling down, the inseam wasn’t so long that it dragged under your heels, but it wasn’t remotely close to high-water length, and – the very best part – your tush always looked its best. Many women remember this pair of jean as their go-to pair whilst in high school or college. Then as they enter the workforce, they familiarize themselves with dress slacks, skirt suits, and (if you have the luxury of a laid back place) the legging and tunic combo. It’s fair to say that weekends are spent in comfy PJ shorts, or if leaving the house is inevitable yoga pants are the go-to. But what about the good old jeans and tee ensemble? Although yoga pants are quite versatile they are not a suitable replacement for a classic pair of jeans by any measure. With that said, this post is dedicated to you and your go-to pair of denim. Perhaps you don’t fit into your beloved pair of jeans the way you use to, and that’s okay. Although, if this is the case we want you to take a day to yourself to find a new pair of denim that you absolutely love. Whether your reminiscing of the past while you slip into your old pair or anxiously taking the tags off of a new pair, check out these fab outfit ideas so you can get all dressed up in your favorite denim.

Women in stylish denim and moto jacket.

Spruce up your jeans by keeping it simple, yet oh so classy by adding a simple, loose fitting tucked in tank, then covering up with a famine statement jacket. Whether you’re thinking about rocking a vintage moto jacket or a detailed blazer with strong and pronounced shoulders you’ll slay in this look. It’s perfect for everything from dress down day to brunch with the family. Take the look to next level by slipping on a pair of peep toe heels and you’re good to go. An ultra-chic way to dress up your denim is to wear it with a vintage-inspired or gypsy-like top. Try a layered lace tee or a paisley print tunic. You can complete the look with a pair of earth-toned flats and a matching shoulder bag. This is the perfect ensemble for everyone, whether you’re heading to a grad school admissions interview or to a parent teacher conference.

Women with stylish knit and denim outfit

A great way to gussy up a dark washed pair of jeans is to layer it with simple, yet chunky knits. A classy-looking option is to wear a basic gray or tan colored sweater with a patterned scarf or neck tie. As the weather gets colder you can layer the sweater with an oversized long-hem sweater or even an unbuttoned fleece trench coat – whichever you choose, make sure it’s within the same color palate as your sweater and scarf. Finish the look  with a pair of matching flats and a chain-strapped clutch.


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