Dressing Up Denim & Tees

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Whether you’re in your early twenties trotting your college campus by day and hitting the town by night, or you’re entering your thirties, or forties, putting time into your career during the weekdays and car pooling the neighborhood kids to soccer practice on the weekends, you’ve undoubtedly turned to jeans and a tee as your go-to outfit. This classic look is not only easy, but it always works – am I right? Although the fashionable combo can take a turn for the frivolous if you aren’t careful. Do you feel like your denim and cotton combo is looking a bit tired? If so you’ve found yourself at the right place. Read on to find out how to dress up the casual denim and tee look, while still feeling comfy and rocking the effortless look.

Find the (sometimes fine) line between fabulous and frumpy…

Before we get into dressing up the classic outfit, we want to go over a few basics. You’ll want the tee of your denim and tee combo to have a loose fit, but not so loose that it loses its feminine touch. Another general rule of thumb regarding your tee is that it should be the most basic of basic colors, this means white, gray, or black. Also keep in mind to avoid patterns, choose only a solid colored tee. As far as denim goes, you’ll want to stick with the times; stick to either a pair of bootcut jeans or skinny jeans. The outfit will always look best when your jeans fit your body appropriately and comfortably. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, read on for a few style tips.

One of the easiest ways to dress up you casual outfit is to add a few pieces of simple and dainty jewelry. This could be anything from a few inches of arm candy made from gold and silver bangles, friendship bracelets, and charm bracelets. You could add to this look by draping a delicate necklace around your collarbones.

Woman wearing denims and a scarf

Wear your jeans and t-shirt look into the fall and winter by adding a large scarf. Since you have a simple colored top on, you can wear just about any color or patterned scarf, as this will be the statement piece of your look. If you’d like, you can wear this look with a pair of boots, which also adds a mature and put-together touch to the typically casual ensemble.

If you want to use jewelry for a more professional look, you should give the outfit a mature twist by tucking your shirt into your jeans – if you’re going to do this, you may want to wear a pair of high waisted jeans rather than hip-huggers. Now you can make the look mature by draping a jewel accented necklace around your neck and a glam statement watch on your wrist. You can even add one or two more bracelets to beside the watch.

You can change the entire vibe of the look by wearing a different colored pair of jeans. You could go with a pair of black jeans for a chic yet casual look, or you could try brightly colored jeans for a fun girls night out look.


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