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Dimpleplasty: The Latest Beauty Rage

Aside from being a teenager’s dream, Victoria Secret’s Angel Miranda Kerr and One Direction’s Harry Styles have something else in common…any guesses? Both of these celebs have a set of dimples. Similar to the jealousy one gets of another’s curly hair or freckled cheeks, millennials are obsessing over dimples. In fact, those who really want dimples are defying genetics and taking matters into their own hands; it’s easy enough, of course, all one has to do is get a dimplepasty. Oh yeah, you read that right. There is now a surgical procedure to give a person dimples and it’s the latest beauty rage.

What Exactly Are Dimples
A once only-natural trait, a dimple (or pair of dimples) appears when there is a small opening in the cheeks buccinators muscle. Although this minor opening in the muscle is a defect in the muscle, many cultures view dimpling of the skin as an attractive trait. It is common for many people to grow out of dimples as they age due to the natural changes that one’s body, muscles, and bone structure go through over time. That being said, dimples are often seen as a youthful trait, lending to their desirability in American culture.

As you know, not everyone is born with dimples, and those who are may not have them forever. However, there a fair amount of people who are willing to get surgery to change that, all thanks to a dimpleplasty. A dimpleplasty is considered a minimally invasive procedure used to create dimples, ultimately creating an aesthetically pleasing pull under the cheeks.

Considering A Dimpleplasty?
Unlike freckle tattoos and curled hair, the results of a dimpleplasty don’t wash off at the end of the day. If you’re considering this surgical procedure, here are a few things you may want to keep in mind:

The length of the procedure: while there is variability from one individual to the next, you can expect a dimpleplasty to take about thirty minutes.

Creation of dimples: after you and your doctor have decided and marked the placement for the soon-to-be dimples, a local anesthetic is applied. The doctor will then make a tiny incision under the skin, and then place dissolvable sutures under the skin. The sutures will pull that area of the cheekbone and skin together, giving the appearance of natural dimples

How long will the dimples last: the dimples that will appear when you smile are said to be permanent. However, the first one to two months after the procedure patients will notice the dimples showing even when not smiling—this dimple-age is semi-permanent and is part of the healing process.

Is it painful: the local anesthetic will do a good job of preventing you from feeling pain during the procedure, if you do feel pain it will be tolerable. Once the anesthetic wears off it is common to feel swollen and sore, which is why the doctor will likely prescribe you a pain medication so that you are able to return to your normal routine with very little downtime.


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