Daring Hair Styles

In 2014, we have welcomed some of the wildest hair styles the fashion and hair world has seen to date. From vibrant and wild colors, undercuts, shaved heads, and beyond, it seems as though the world of hair is ever changing and evolving into its own art form.

There once was a time when the hairstyles you see today would have never been socially acceptable. The question is posed as to whether these styles are actually socially accepted in today’s world, and the answer is simple. Times have changed drastically over the decades, and so have the styles and fashions. With the changing of times, many new and daring hair styles have been introduced to the world.

It seems as though the women of today’s world are capable of having hairstyles that would never have been socially accepted in years of old. Today, personality and individuality is revered and condoned, and this gives people more drive to simply be unique, and express themselves as such.

Today, we will briefly discuss some of the current daring hair style trends in the fashion world, and have a look at some images depicting those styles. If you see something you love, or even something you hate, let us know below in the comment section!

Angled bob died wild colors

Wild Colored Ombres With Angled Cuts

This idea came from LavaLove. If you’re in the market for a change, and want a cool new ‘do mixed with wild colors and you don’t quite want to dye all of your hair, a different way to go about it rather than the typical dyed strand look is to opt for a wild colored ombre look. The example above is a fantastic looking ombre, with plenty of color and ‘wow’ factor!


Long and red hairFull Bodied Wild Color

If you want to dye your hair fully with plenty of amazing eye popping color, check out the idea above. Bright cherry reds are great because they really stand out, hold their color well, and look fantastic on pretty much everyone!

Short hair. pixie cuUndercut/Pixie Cut

If you’re in the market for a completely new hair style, and you’ve never gone short before, you should give a cute pixie cut a try. They are extremely low maintenance, and look stylish and classy. If you want to go all out, opt for a pixie cut with undercut sides to really wow the crowd!


Big curls and volumeCrazy Big Curls

If you love curls, rock some of your own! Perms never go out of style. If you’ve got naturally curly hair, take advantage of that, and wear it as big as it gets! Check out the image above. She’s definitely fierce in her big, bold curls and amazing color. You can get this look with a tight spiral perm, and the right color. You can opt for platinum blond, or if you don’t want to go too overboard, just opt for some blonde highlights or even a natural brown like our image.


Choose Something All Your Own

The great thing about loving in 2014 is women are more liberated and free to do pretty much whatever they want – at least, in America. Take advantage of that, and do something wild and daring. You will love the transformation, and if you don’t – that’s okay, hair is pretty versatile and problems can usually be corrected. It’s always best to seek out a professional stylist to assist you with dyes and new, daring styles.


What are some of your own personal daring hair styles? Tell us in a comment below.


By Lionesse

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