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Create A Dewy Skin Look This Winter

Summer and winter aren’t just opposites in weather, but they seem to bring the skin to opposite ends of the spectrum. In the summer season, women all over the country blot their t-zone and apply mattifying powder. During this time, windy winter weather seems like the only thing that could fix the struggle of slick summer skin. Yet once the cold season starts your skin jumps to the other side of the spectrum; oily one day to dry and flaky the next. It’s total complexion madness. The one thing women across the country can agree upon is that everyone wants a dewy look, no matter what the season.

Just like the rest of us, celebrities battle with seasonal complexion troubles, too. Fortunately, they have some of the best skin care experts and makeup artists on their side to guide their skin to looking its best all year ‘round. We figured that since the majority of our readers don’t have the same access to the celebrity skin experts as we do, we thought we’d help you all out by passing the tricks used by the pros. So, read on to find out how you can transform your dry and flaky winter skin, into a hydrated and dewy complexion all winter long.

Always Exfoliate
Although you should be exfoliating all year long – as you already know – it is more important than ever that you are exfoliating throughout the winter season. By doing so you will slough off dead the skin cells that inhibit your moisturizer from working effectively. Plus, by removing all those dead skin cells, you will be removing all the skin that is giving your skin a dull appearance.

Mix It Up
To lengthen their shelf life, foundations are typically formulated with chemicals to ensure the product hold its integrity for as long as possible. The problem with such chemicals is that they can be drying to the skin when used on a regular basis. Instead of letting the chemicals in your makeup get the best of you, add a few drops of moisturizer or facial oil to your foundation. Keep in mind that this does sheer out the coverage of the foundation, be we promise your skin will thank you.


Hydrate From The Outside In
You already know how important it is to consume ample amounts of water each day, but did you know that you can amp up moisture even more by using a humidifier all day? That’s right, give your skin all the hydration it needs by using a humidifier in your bedroom at night, as well as in your office during the day!

Protect Your Skin
You may be moisturizing after your cleansing routine, but chances are you’re not retaining that moisture. Before heading out into the winter weather you should be applying a silicone barrier to all extra dry spots of your complexion. Not only will this give you a natural-looking dewy complexion, but it will protect your skin from the drying elements.


By Lionesse

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