Cool Versus Warm Air Humidifiers

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It’s no secret that humidifiers can be lifesavers when you catch the office cold. When winter stuffiness has you bogged down, humidifiers can make all the difference. But, did you know that humidifiers provide quite a few invaluable beauty benefits as well? It’s True! As many of you know, winter isn’t only accompanied by sneezes and sniffles, but it also features dry and dehydrated skin. Perhaps you’ve noticed just how dull and dry your skin gets during the snowy season as it calls for you to constantly replenish its moisture with your favorite lotion. However, during the winter season, your lotion may not be enough. When the air is colder and less moist, the skin can’t maintain moisture as well as it can when the air is warm and humid (like in the summer months).

This means that even though you’re not spending your time out in the sun, the moisture is still being evaporated from your skin all winter long. Where exactly does the moisture evaporate to if the sun isn’t vaporizing it? Well, ultimately, the moisture is being pulled to that which is in greater need of hydration – this comes down to a war between your skin and the naturally dry air. You guessed it, the air wins; essentially the moisture in and on your skin is evaporated into the dry air, leaving your skin dull, dry, and needing more moisture.

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This is where the much-needed benefits of humidifiers save the day; that’s right, humidifiers can help to keep your skin hydrated and supple all year long, but most importantly in those drier months. When using a humidifier, you are adding humidity (or moisture) into the air which works in your favor by allowing your skin to retain and rebuild its moisture barrier. But that’s not all! Humidifiers infuse moisture into the air on a continual basis, so not only will it aid in replenishing dry skin, but some beauty gurus call humidifiers their anti-ageing-Holly-Grail. Realistically, the added moisture won’t turn back time on aging skin, but – if you use it on a regular basis – the added moisture may work in keeping your skin youthful simply because dry skin tends to age faster than hydrated skin.

Okay, so you know the benefits of using a humidifier, now you may be questioning if you should be using a warm mist or cool mist humidifier, or if it even makes a difference. To help clear things up, we’ve provided you with the essential differences between the two. As you read through the information below, you may find that specific qualities of one humidifier may appeal to you more – and that’s okay! Although they have their differences, they both get the job done of infusing moisture to an otherwise dry environment. Think of cool and warm as simply the details, because at the end of the day, it’s all about which you prefer and will use the most.

Cool Air Humidifiers

  • Can be used year-round without causing temperature discomfort
  • Quieter than warm air humidifiers, ultimately because it doesn’t have to heat up the water
  • Visible mist is released through a filter, out through the vent, and into the environment. It is important to sanitize or replace filters on a regular basis to ensure that all impurities are removed from the water before the mist is blown into the air.
  • Primary care physicians recommend using a cool air humidifier (instead of a warm air humidifier) to relieve congestion

Warm Air Humidifiers

  • Can cause discomfort when used in warmer months
  • Water is heated while inside the tank; this process can cause some background noise
  • Once the water reaches a certain temperature, warm steam rises from the surface (like the process of bringing a pot of water to a boil, which produces steam)
  • Releases moisture that you can see and feel as it enters the atmosphere
  • Allows for the highest level of moisture (when compared to cool air humidifiers)
  • Since the water is being heated prior to being released into the air, it can kill off an ample number of bacteria

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