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Bold Eye Shadow Colors to Try This Fall

Tis’ the season for pumpkin spice lattes and golden brown leaves to pain the streets. But don’t let the only colour around you be in the oranges and the reds, here are some colour palettes to really work into your look this coming fall.

Magical Monochromes
Using a single metallic color for the lids can really bring the razzle-dazzle to a monochrome color palette. In fact, it’s almost too easy to pull off. The colors for this fall are definitely in the realm of burgundy hues like burnt sienna and auburn. But if you’re not sure if this color trend is the one for you, you can always conduct a color test by dabbing some color from a lipstick hue you like and dab it onto your eyelids and the apples of your cheeks.

50 Shades of Brown
You could go the opposite direction and keep your eyes subtle instead this fall by sticking with neutral colors. By blending out some brown shades, you’ll make eyes pop without even looking like you were even trying to go bold. By highlighting only your eyes, this is a great look is a go to without overshadowing your other features.

Holy Smokes
Glitter and black smoky eyes will help you create a mix of dark fairy tale, ballet and Broadway. Lead makeup artist for the Elie Saab fashion show, Tom Pecheaux, got inspiration from the ballet Giselle and created intense, dark eyes topped with multi-color glitter.

Reverse Cat Eye
Departing from the norm this season was Pat McGrath at the Valentino show with a graphic reverse cat eye. This means the eyeliner is traced on the lower lids of the eye, in a burgundy shade. This dramatic look will really make you the cat’s meow during this fall!

Metallic Cobalt
Get yourself some Electric Blue shades girlfriend, because this look paired with a bold lip will really make the leaves fall. Seen at the Anna Sui show, the combination of the bright blue and the blackened cherry lip shade really made for a thrilling look for the fall fashion show.

Punchy Pastels
Pastels? During fall? Now that’s a bold move! Give your lids a light smattering of pastel colors like lilac, coral, baby blue, but apply them messily across the eyes for an effect that was anything but the sweetness you would associate with these shades.

Dusty Rose
Sometimes going on a little delicate with the rose colored lids can be a big statement in itself. With all the bold colors of fall in the air, it will certainly contrast with bright colors of the season. Use some dusty rose eye shadow and sweep it high towards the brows for a more vintage quality look.

House of Holland
This look was created by head makeup artist Ciara O’Shea using some sunset inspired shades. Colour combos like deep green and orange, pink glitter, blue mascara and mauve eyeshadow all layered on top of each other for a very distinct fall look.

Go wild this fall with these bold eyeshadow looks, and don’t forget to check out the other bountiful looks of the season from the 2017 Fall shows!


By Rebecca Vega

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