Best Accessories For Long Hair

Many women grow their hair out, only to wear it down day after day. Of course, there is nothing wrong with wearing your hair down, but with endless options, why not switch it up? With spring right around the corner, it is the perfect time to mess around with your mane. Whether you have perfected your fishtail or have been dying to try out a new look when you attend a spring wedding, we have done all the work for you in finding the best hair accessories for long hair; have a look!

Woman combing her hair

Hair Comb
First on the list, a hair comb! These items have come a long way since your mother was wearing them to her day job. They are now readily available in tons of different colors and a variety of sizes. What is great about hair combs is they allow you to get all your hair off your neck and back on those days when it is just too hot, while adding a bit of class to the quick ‘do.

Semi bun hairstyle

Sock Bun
A ballerina bun shaper, also commonly known as a sock bun. This is one of the absolute best hair accessories for anyone who needs a professional look but can’t always find the time! These are made by a variety of different brands, which offer shoppers the ability to match their bun shaper to their hair color. Many women with fine or thin hair love the thick look that a bun shaper gives them.

Woman wearing a headband

Mature headbands are in (and possibly hear to stay). Now, it is important to understand that there is a fine line between wearing your daughter’s headband, and going to get your own soft and stubble headband. We are suggesting you do the ladder, by the way. The best thing about headbands is that you can make any quick hairdo look more chic, in seconds. With a simple bronze or silver colored headband, you can transform your ponytail from drab to fab.

Now, these next few are not accessories in a traditional manner. However, they do accentuate your hair for a beautiful, and more do-able ‘do.

Hot rollers

Hot Rollers
Yes, another one of your mother’s favorites. Today you can find hot rollers almost any anywhere with all different barrel sizes. If you are looking for a tight, structured curl, go for a smaller barrel. Oppositely, if you prefer a more loose curl, go for a larger barrel. These are awesome because you can get your hair all wrapped up, and while the heat is doing its thing, you can finish getting ready!

Woman sleeping

A Satin or Silk Pillowcase
It is true that these are actually great for all hair lengths, but with long hair being more prone to breakage, sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase can prevent your hair from premature breakage and split ends.

Of course, it is so important that any long-haired beauty always has a hair elastic and some bobby pins within reach. With these two accessories, some hair spray, and an a bit of imagination, you can truly create any look you can dream of!


By Lionesse

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