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Beauty Trends That Are Back From The 90’s

Any 90’s kid will agree that there was something truly special about growing up in the 90’s that no other generation can totally understand. C’mon! 90’s kids lived off pop-tarts, cosmic brownies, and slush puppies. Lunchables and Hi-C were the IT-thing to much on after Computer Class—that’s right, Computer Class, because you know the world would be tipped off its axis today if millennials weren’t the best multitaskers. Not to mention, 90’s kids grew up singing along to Brittney Spears and The Backstreet Boys. Oh—we almost forgot the most important aspect of 90’s pop culture: the killer beauty trends of the era. Think body glitter, scrunchies, and blue eyeshadow. As you know, history has a tendency to repeat itself, which is why we’re extra excited to tell you about the 90’s beauty fads that have traveled through time and are trending today!

Body Glitter
Let’s be honest: body glitter can be classified as both the worst and the best of all 90’s trends. On the one hand, it makes you glisten like the queen you are. Back in the day body glitter had a tendency to chunk together (kind of like that glitter nail polish that you can never seem to apply evenly), but today the glitter is ground down so finely that when you dust it on your skin the minuscule particles spread easily and evenly. Now, on the other hand, body glitter was—and still is—a pain to remove (hence the worst trend). If you don’t mind being a bit extra sparkly the days after, then dust on some glitter like it’s 1998 next time you go out on the town!

Berry lips

Very Berry Lips
If you were a fan of Liv Tyler’s go-to look of minimal makeup featuring a deep berry-colored lip, then we’re certain you’ll love this trend! Just as Tyler wore the lip shade in the 90’s, celebs today are swiping on this bold shade to play up their lips while playing down the rest of their features. Want to rock the berry colored lip trend yourself? Simply even out your skin tone with some BB or CC cream, apply a light coat of mascara, and glide on your berry lipstick and your good to go!

Hair Flowers
Maybe we owe the rebirth of this trend to Snapchat and their original, infamous flower crown filter. Or, perhaps the re-popularization is all owed to Coachella and it’s “hipster” trends. Regardless, floral headbands are being spotted all over college towns, both on campus, at internships, and in bars. There are countless ways to wear this trend today and not one of them is wrong. Whether you add a few flowers to your braid or you rock a full-on flower crown, you’re doing it right.

Woman with choker

You’ll probably kick yourself now for getting rid of all those tight and tiny necklaces because, that’s right, chokers are back. Granted, they’re not as flimsy and tiny as you might remember them being worn in Sabrina the Teenage Witch or Friends, but just like the leading ladies of those shows, chokers are now more glamorous than ever. Rocking this trend can seem tricky at first, but the key is to let the choker be the statement piece of your outfit.


By Lionesse

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