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Beauty Secrets From Old Hollywood Stars

Okay, ladies, it’s time for some #realtalk. In today’s day and age, we’ve become used to beauty based off photoshopped bodies and digitally altered hair, skin, and makeup. Without digging out deep into the topic, you (the consumer) has the right to know that the media uses these tactics as an emotionally persuasive measure to convince you to buy their products. While these techniques provide measurable outcomes for companies, they leave they leave the consumer in a vulnerable position, developing unrealistic expectations, striving for unattainable “beauty.”

Pop-culture wasn’t always like this. Don’t believe us? Take a moment to think back to the leading ladies of—what we now call—“Old Hollywood.” Icons such as Marylyn Monroe, Joan Crawford, Grace Kelly were all undeniably beautiful, even without editing and retouching (the technology simply wasn’t around). Not only did people gawk over the splendor of old Hollywood starts way back when, but we still find these starlets beautiful today. In honor of these bold and beautiful women, we’ve curated a list of their best-kept beauty secrets. That’s right, keep reading to learn how your favorite old Hollywood stars kept their beauty on fleek.

Marilyn Monroe
Hollywood’s leading lady had a pout to die for, but how did she do it? According to archives which site those close to her, Monroe’s makeup artist applied five different lip products. Yes, you read that right—her luscious looking lips were created with FIVE different shades of lip color, including both lipstick and lip gloss. At first thought, it may seem over the top, but there was a method to this madness. Monroe’s makeup artists achieved the dimension she was looking for by applying the darker hues on the outer corners of her lips, then working inwards with the lighter colors in the center.

Elizabeth Taylor

Anton_Ivanov /

Elizabeth Taylor
Apparently, Elizabeth Taylor was not much different than those of you reading this article today, as it’s said that she got her beauty secret—which we’re about to reveal to you—from Cleopatra. What beauty measure could be so fantastic that both stunning women used it? Regular face shaving! That’s right, Taylor routinely shaved her face to rid the skin of fine baby hairs, or peach fuzz, and way of removing dead skin cells. This left her skin silky smooth and naturally glowing. This is becoming popular today as more women are noticing that their skin absorbs product better and makeup goes on smoother.

Grace Kelly
This starlet was the queen of contour before we even knew what “contouring” meant. Sure, Grace Kelly slayed in her day by rocking two different shades of blush to create the appearance of lifted cheekbones—you know the look we’re talking about. Apparently, the star applied a deeper, darker shade of blush right beneath her cheekbones and a lighter, brighter shade on the apples of her cheeks. Perhaps Kelly is the perfect example of the difference that shading and contouring can make.

Audrey Hepburn
Have you ever noticed how absolutely perfect Audrey Hepburn’s lashes were? In all seriousness, her lashes look like they belong in a mascara advertisement today. So, how did she do it? How did she maintain flawless lashes then, while we’re still figuring out how to apply clump free mascara so that it actually clumps free? Apparently, after applying mascara she used an open safety pin to individually separate each lash from the next. Because this does have some danger potential, we want to recommend that if you’re going to Hepburn-like lashes, you do so with a spoolie, rather than a pin.


By Lionesse

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  • Alicia Scott

    April 6, 2017 at 4:23 am

    The colors are so bright and vibrant. I love the under eye color look

  • Alicia Scott

    April 6, 2017 at 4:25 am

    I would love a makeover. I don’t think my eyes could ever look that bright and beautiful

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