Beat These Winter Skin Problems

Holidays, family gatherings, tasty treats and fuzzy slippers are some of the best parts of the Winter season. Cold weather skin conditions – on the other – are arguably the worst part of the chillier months. No matter what part of the country you reside in, you’re likely victim to snow, sleet, rain, wind, and ultimately colder temperatures. Many of us fight the frigid temperatures by cranking up the thermostat or taking ultra-hot showers. The dryness in the air, accompanied by the dampness of the elements, in addition to our heated homes all take part in causing havoc on our skin.

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Some are sufferers of major skin problems (i.e., dry and cracked patches of skin all over their body, bleeding lips, itchy eyes), while others are victims of minor – yet still annoying winter skin conditions. Whether you suffer on a major or minor scale, we hope you find relief after looking through the guide below on the tried and true ways to beat winter skin problems.

Chapped, cracked, and bleeding lips are probably the top winter complaint of all winter skin problems amongst men and women of all ages. So what’s a girl to do? Before you apply any more product to your lips, you need to slough off all the dried out dead skin – believe it or not, there are layers of smooth and supple skin under the rough and protective chapped barrier. Get rid of the dry outer layer by taking a pinch of sugar and rubbing it into your lips. You’ll start to feel like dry skin lifted off, you can either wipe the sugar away with a warm cloth or lick it! Keep using the sweet crystals to smooth your pout until you have soft kissable lips. From this point on, you need to be applying a quality lip balm throughout your entire day and night.

Dry skin can become particularly pesky when it seems unsolvable. The reason this happens is because the dryness from the cold, whipping wind and heat indoors actually dries out the skin’s natural protective lubricant: oil. That’s right, the natural oils produced by your skin (also known as “sebum”) is the skin’s natural way of protecting and re-moisturizing itself, but it can’t do its job once it’s been wiped away. You can replicate the skin’s natural barrier by applying an oil based cream to your face and body, as well as your hands and feet in the morning before getting dressed, as well as in the evening prior to going to bed.

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Dehydrated skin, not to be confused with dry skin, happens when your skin cells don’t have enough hydration to keep them nourished throughout the day. Remember, your skin is the largest organ of the body – it needs ample amounts of water to function healthfully and properly just like all the other organs in your body. Although it’s harder to drink an ice cold glass of water in the winter than it is in the summer, it will benefit your entire body in the long run. If it’s too cold to drink chilled water, experiment with hot water and citrus.


By Lionesse

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