Be Safe This Halloween

Trick or treat during Halloween

Halloween is such a fun holiday, with so many different ways to celebrate and enjoy this special time of year. However, there are always some things that can happen that make the holiday NOT so fun. It’s a holiday with so many different factors, between costumes and trick or treating to parties…there’s a lot going on and any time there’s a lot going on there are risks involved. We don’t like to be ones to focus on the negative, but we do want to make sure everyone is staying safe this Halloween so we can all enjoy the holiday without a hitch. We’re talking about how to be safe this Halloween, to make sure you have all your bases covered.

Look at the Costumes
If you have kids, you really want to make sure they’re being safe when they’re out with their friends trick or treating. Experts suggest making sure that costumes are fire-retardant and lightweight. Because so many different things can come into play during this holiday, when costumes are lightweight it makes it easier for you (or your kids) to get out of the costumes easier than if they’re overly heavy. In addition, if you or your children will be out trick or treating it’s suggested to either consider a Halloween costume that’s light/bright in color so you don’t blend in too much with the dark lighting OR add a reflective element to the back of the costume(s) so anyone driving can see you/your children. Finally, many suggest to give your children flashlights and a phone so that they’re able to see better and call for help if needed.

Scope Out the Area
When it comes to trick or treating there are so many risks involved, unfortunately. It’s suggested to plan ahead of time when it comes to choosing a location for trick or treating. Make sure that wherever you or your children go is well lit and populated. If there’s an area that’s very dark or the houses are extremely far apart, find another location.

Don’t Forget Your House
Of course, your home needs to be safe during this holiday, too. It’s not just about those trick or treating, but also those who have trick or treaters coming to their homes. It’s suggested to keep any lights on in front of your house so that the trick or treaters can see you, and so you can see them. In addition, if you have any pets that like to be outside, keep them inside during the common trick or treating hours. It’s best to keep them indoors so they’re not at any risk of getting hurt and no one else is either.

Candy Cleansing
We all know getting candy is such a huge and exciting part of Halloween, unfortunately there are some things to consider to make sure everyone is safe and healthy with their new Halloween candy. Teach your children that any candy that looks like it’s been tampered with or is open/possibly opened should NOT be eaten. Unless you’re familiar with the house it came from, it’s best for everyone to avoid candy that looks as though it could have been tampered with.


By Lionesse

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