Are Cardigans Still In?

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In case you’ve found yourself asking the question of whether or not cardigans are still in lately, rest assured, yes – they are totally still in! Cardis can be found in just about every women’s closet. They come in all shapes and sizes, featuring all kinds of colors and patterns, almost like there’s a cardi made for every occasion. However, a little-known fact is that all cardis are not created equally. Those of you that are chronic cardi wearers may have found out that some are fab for flattering your body, while others are perfect for adding a processional-appeal to an otherwise casual ensemble. Whether you own a closet full of cardigans, or you’re just entering into the cardigan layer game, which cardi to wear when for what occasion can get quite complicated, to say the least. In fact, this overly common complication is the very topic of this article. Read on and overcome any confusion you have towards the versatile sweater.

The Quad
Of all the cardigans out there, there are just four basic cardigan styles that just about every cardi will be classified as, check it out:

1.)   The most common cardi style is the cropped cardi. Depending on the size you choose and the length of your torso, the hem of this cardi falls anywhere between the top of your waist to the bottom of your hips.

2.)   The comfiest cardi anyone owns is the oversized cardi. This is that one that comes with big and bold prints, tassels, and makes for snuggle attire.

3.)   The tricky-to-style, but often undeniable, and our third cardigan on the list is the wrap cardi. Often times this one has a similar shape to the oversized cardi, the major difference being that it is made with much thinner fabric and a lot less of it, giving it a slim and sleek look.

4.)   Finally, the cardi that entered the fashion scene to steal women’s hearts all over is the boyfriend cardigan. It’s a lot like the cropped cardi as far as material and shape go, however, it has a much looser fit, as if you stole it from your bf.

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Perfect Pairs
With the realization that you have at least one of each of the styles listed, you’re probably wondering how to style each. Below you’ll find tips on how to style each so that you look like a cardigan pro no matter which style you layer with.

Cropped or waist length cardigans: The most common of all the cardis, the cropped or waist length cardigan looks best when worn with fitted separates such as a sleek top and a pencil skirt, as well as flare dresses. Avoid wearing this cardigan with lengthy tops as it will make the body look disproportionate.

Oversized cardigans: Since these cardi’s add bulk to the top of your body, you’ll want to wear them with a fitted pair of skinny jeans or even a thick pair of leggings. Above all else, avoid wearing this cardi with boyfriend jeans and maxi skirts.

Wrap cardigans: Use the length of this layer to play-up and elongate your silhouette. The best way to do this is to wear similar hued pants as the color of the cardi. For example, if you’re wearing a black or gray cardigan, wear dark washed jeans.

Boyfriend Cardigans: The best thing about the bf favorites is that they can be worn with just about anything! Whether you need to cover up your bare shoulders for work or want to add  a bit of color to your typical jeans and tee outfit, the boyfriend cardi is a perfect choice.


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