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Applying Eyeshadow The Right Way For Your Eye Shape

With so many beauty gurus posting how-to videos on YouTube these days, you might think that everyone knows how to do eye makeup perfectly—this isn’t the case. Even though the ladies in the YouTube videos are very talented (and mesmerizing to watch), many of their viewers still have a hard time recreating the look on themselves. While intricate, multi-step eyeshadow looks do take some practice, a major reason that it can be hard to recreate the look of another person’s eyeshadow because there are many different eye shapes! Shade variations, contours, highlights, and more all work together to make a sexy eyeshadow look, but when the shape of one’s eyes are completely different than another’s, the application of eyeshadow may need to be done a bit differently. Check out the guide below to determine which eye shape you have, then read the corresponding tips to apply eyeshadow the right way for your eye shape.

Round Eyes
Those with round eyes might notice a similarity in shape with Katy Perry or Emmy Rossum. Round eyes give a younger appeal as they are often big. If you have round shaped eyes, they key to a perfect shadow look is to apply the majority of the product on the top lid and lash line, and outer corners. The idea is to keep the product on the bottom lash line to a minimum.

Almond-Shaped Eyes
Are you eye twins with Miranda Kerr or Lupita Nyong’o? If yes, then it’s likely that you have almond shaped eyes. Makeup artists suggest blending every shade of shadow that you apply and being sure to mimic the eye’s natural almond shape. If you want to add more dimension, blend the shadow in a circular motion from the outer lid to the middle lid.

Smiling woman applying eye shadow

Hooded Eyes
Both Blake Lively and Jennifer Lawrence have hooded eyes—if your eyes look like theirs, it’s likely you have hooded eyes, too. Those with hooded eyes have an extra section of skin which lays below the brows and covers the crease, ultimately making the lid look smaller. When applying shadow, use a dark color above the lash line and cover the entire lid to the crease. Then, use a highlight shade or matte medium shade on the hooded lid.

Prominent/Protruding Eyes
If you have prominent or protruding eye shape, your eyes may be similar to Lala Anthony’s or Amanda Seyfried’s eyes. Those with a prominent eye shape typically fare best with liner along the upper lash line and mascara, needing very little shadow. If you do want to play up your eyes, use only matte shades and apply the medium color slightly heavy under the crease.

Deep Set Eyes
Taylor Swift and Julianne Moore both have deep set eyes; if your eye shape is like theirs, it’s likely that you have deep set eyes, too! With the goal being to make the eyes appear to be pushed forward, it’s best to use brightening, glimmering colors on the lid and a warm, matte color under the brow bone.


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