All You Need to Know About Bronzer

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The once-lauded look of a porcelain-skinned face was the only real beauty in Victorian days, as it revealed to the world that you weren’t to be confused with the working class, comprised of all those ruddy, tanned faces from having to daily toil away, under the rays of the penetrating sun. Following the prevalence of field workers and sunless expression of elite social status came the 60s. The 50s had been leading up to the majority of the workforce moving indoors, which completely turned tan perception around. Suddenly it was those with tanned skin whose coloring revealed the rich life of leisurely days spent poolside or at the ocean, as the working class became pale and pasty underneath days on end, of fluorescent lighting replacing the once hot rays of the sun upon their skin.

The Eternal Beauty Now Seen in a Tan
The damaging effects of sun worship didn’t take long to manifest, which frightened the public, but the manner by which a tan-like golden glow is highly regarded has never left us. Many sun tanners continued to bask following the news scare, albeit with more concern–but at long last, when bronzers infiltrated the makeup industry, they offered a safe way of achieving that coveted glow without a single unprotected moment under the sun. As with anything, how good your glow looks will depend on the method of application. It’s not exactly highlighter, and it’s not exactly blush. It should therefore not be applied in the same pattern as either. The areas you’ll apply bronzer to will depend on the type of bronzer you’re using.

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Getting That Awesome Golden Glow
By following some application know-how, you’ll easily have that glow you’re after.

  • Prepare Your Canvas: For a super smooth radiance, begin with a pore blurring primer. Some even double as foundation, being tinted. Next, a light cover of appropriately placed concealer, and then foundation. Set with loose powder.
  • The Color of Your Bronzer: Light– Some bronzers offer a form of highlighting effects that impart radiance and shimmer, not color. Light-toned bronzers should be applied in the well-known T-zone. In a horizontal inch across your forehead just above your eyebrows, then down the bridge of your nose and to either side of your nostrils. Then, apply a diagonal streak down the apple of your cheeks, just above where you would place blush. A dab just under the tip of your nose on the upper lip, and then the middle of your chin area, below the mouth.
  • The Color of Your Bronzer: Tanned–Check to see if your line of makeup offers a color matching system. You want your color of bronzer to pair well with your foundation. When in doubt seek the opinion of a store expert or makeup artist.
  • Apply Bronzer: Brush or sponge your bronzer onto the areas of your face that would most be touched by the sun. Include the upper forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and jawline. A slightly shimmery bronzer is fun, but don’t overdo it.
  • Add Blush: Take care to keep the blush subtle and light. Apply to the apples of your cheeks, and blend out into the hairline smoothly

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