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8 Cold-Weather Makeup Secrets 

Colder weather is one of those things that is at once a delight to some of us and a pain at the same time. Changing temperatures can catch us unaware as well as making us retire favorite outfits for a season. We have to accept them though.

Accepting these changes means taking the steps to ensure that don’t cause us trouble. What that means depends on what we’re adjusting. Changing out our wardrobes is a fairly common example of this.

We dig out all our colder weather clothing and ensure that we’ll be able to look and feel our best even as the chill settles in the air. However, we need to do more than just swap out our closets. After all, makeup is important to looking our best.

None of us can safely approach makeup the same way in colder weather was we would in warmer weather. Our skin behaves differently and various factors mean that some makeup habits can prove accidentally disastrous to our skin.

Most of the time our biggest skincare and makeup concern in colder weather is finding a way to keep skin hydrated. That governs a lot of the tips, tricks, and secrets for keeping your skin healthy and beautiful as the weather turns.

Here’s the good news:

We’re going to take a closer look at all of those so that you don’t need to hunt everywhere to find them. This should help better prepare your for late fall and the coming winter. That way makeup can help rather than hurt you.

Let’s start with something simple though.

The biggest beauty mistake that we tend to make as weather gets colder is to abandon protecting our skin from the sun. It seems like it make sense given we’ll be inside more often than outside, but skipping sun protection in a bad idea.

Skipping it will open your skin back up to sun damage. This damage can have profound long term effects on your skin. More immediately, the sun damage can contribute to drying your skin out.

Here’s the deal:

Your skin’s natural oils are actually part of your body’s natural defense against the sun. They keep your skin hydrated and resilient. Without them, your skin dries out and becomes sensitized and prone to damage.

Dry air, a common result of colder weather, draws moisture out of your skin and exposes it to the raw elements and the sun. Sensitized skin then becomes difficult to manage and keep looking healthy.

Making sure to favor foundations and other makeup products that include SPF will go a long way to keeping your skin healthy. Remember to use a moisturizer with SPF as well. These approaches, when combined with normal sunscreen, will keep your skin healthy.

Healthy, moist skin will accept makeup products better too. That’s really all the incentive we need to make sure we remember to protect our skin from the sun, right?

Foundation is one of the elements of makeup that many of us rely on. After all, other kinds of makeup tend to stand out without it. Relying on it alone during colder weather isn’t necessarily the best idea though.

No matter the quality of your foundation, you can potentially run into issues where it ends up drying out your skin. It can also become highly susceptible to being disturbed during colder weather as it doesn’t cling as well to drier skin.

Here’s an easy fix:

Most of us have heard of the trick of combining liquid foundations and moisturizers to thin them some and allow them to spread easier. This is ideally what we should be doing a little of the moment the weather starts to turn colder.

You’ll benefit from the easier to spread foundation as well as getting the moisturizing benefits from the moisturizer. It can be tricky to find the right mix depending on your choice in products. You can easily solve this problem with good product choice.

Tinted moisturizers are an option that offer this effect all on their own. The only downside is you might not be able to find the right tint in some cases. That’s why knowing how to do it yourself is handy.

Colder, drier air is what tends to cause most of our problems as the seasons change. This is typically because we all tend to become comfortable with our habits eventually. That includes the products we use.

Powders and mineral makeups are highly popular in summer. This is because they actually help mitigate the fact that our skin tends to be oilier during warmer weather. Unfortunately, that effect during colder weather causes problems.

It is in our best interests to phase out these products as weather cools as a result. That doesn’t mean entirely abandoning them, but it does mean favoring products that add moisture back to your skin.

Favor liquids and creams during winter as long as your skin type works with them. This will help you avoid making dry skin a chronic problem during late fall and throughout winter. It might take some work to adjust things though.

Try to focus on finding products that work for you one at a time as the weather cools rather than swapping all at once. This will help your learn and establish your new routine piece by piece. That will make it easier to stick with throughout winter.

We’ve repeatedly touched on the fact that colder weather dries out your skin in this article. Avoiding it through proper product choice is ideal and will help you keep looking healthy, but there are other things you need to do too.

Notably, all the work we put into keeping our skin moisturized won’t stop it from being a constant battle as the weather gets colder. The idea is to simply stay ahead of the worst of the potential damage. Your skin will still look drier and duller than in warmer months.

That’s where good use of highlights comes into play. Remembering to use the right makeup to put color back into your cheeks and maintain a healthy look that lasts all winter long.

It is worth stressing here that you don’t want to look like you’re sun-kissed all winter as it can look out of place. Learning to counter the worst effects on your complexion can go a long way though. Blush is your friend.

Using it the right way will keep a healthy yet subtle color in your cheeks throughout the colder months. Additionally, you can use concealer carefully to help give a very subtle boost in other areas. Use a light hand to avoid taxing your skin too much.

Keeping your cheeks looking properly flushed for a healthy look goes a long way to looking your best in colder months, but your lips need some love too. Their thinner skin necessarily means they’ll dry out and dull faster than anything else.

That’s a good reason to keep lip balm and similar products on your constantly. Your lips will need that boost to ensure they remain at their best. A simple balm is enough for keeping them healthy, but doesn’t necessarily give you a healthy color.

Here’s the deal:

All it takes is just the barest extra bit of color to your lips to help them look healthy. Staying on top of them drying out by using lip balm will help keep them plump enough to look good. Try to favor moisturizing lipsticks that offer a healthy boost to your lip color.

This will generally mean staying within a few shades of your natural color. Fortunately, you can also look for tinted balms to get both the color and thorough moisturizing effects you’ll want. Don’t hesitate to experiment though.

Finding a better color can go a long way to create stunning winter looks. All you really need to do is avoid drying your lips out with longer lasting or overly thick lipsticks.

The skin around your eyes is in a similar situation to your lips. Human skin is incredibly thin there compared to everywhere else on your body. It requires special consideration to avoid issues.

Much like with the rest of your face, you’re going to want to avoid using any makeup that will dry out the area. Powder shadows tend to be a particularly notable offender in this area. This will just make your skin and the makeup look worse off.

Stick with liquids and gels to avoid this problem. They’ll help seal moisture close to your skin while skipping the problem with drying the skin out. Notably, they’ll also be able to better handle the weather too.

There are no special considerations when it comes to color choice though. Your main guide should be your sense of style as usual.


We need to stress that relying on liquids and gels does come paired with the need to learn how to blend your makeup effectively. These makeup types can clash noticeably if you’re not careful. Check and double check when blending to be sure the edges are smoothed well.

Keeping all this in mind will ensure your eye makeup looks its best no matter the temperature outside.

One key to keeping your makeup looking its best in winter is to make sure to use waterproof makeup when possible. It is particularly important to remember to use waterproof mascara.

Colder weather brings with it a variety of irritations that can end up causing your eyes to water. Anyone who has ever worn regular mascara can tell you how that works out when it starts to rain or after a particularly emotional moment.

Cold, whipping winds are an offender for almost everyone. They make our eyes water and cause us to blink more than usual. These both can lead to makeup running and causing a wide variety of problems.

It gets worse:

Other factors of the weather can cause problems too. Snow and other cold weather staples tend to have a particular way of leading to water running down our faces or otherwise causing makeup to run. Using waterproof makeup helps prevent this.

Waterproof mascara tends to be easiest to come by, but options exist for other kinds of makeup as well. Make the effort to find all the waterproof makeup you can as the weather turns cooler and you’ll experience far fewer problems.

The last tip we can give is to make sure that you’re regularly preparing your skin for the effects of the cold weather. That means ensuring that you do what you can to safeguard against your skin drying out.

We’ve gone over a lot of ways to do this, but you can go a little farther if you are willing to think ahead. Most of us have an idea of the days we’ll be wearing makeup. Keeping this in mind lets you do a little prep the night before.

Masks are an excellent option here. Finding a good hydrating mask will rejuvenate your skin overnight while you get a good night’s rest. You can also use such masks whenever you have the time, but overnight masks tends to have the best result.

As we highlighted above, keeping your skin properly hydrated will go a long way toward ensuring that your face is able to provide a better surface for makeup. This improves both how the makeup looks and how well it stays throughout the day.

Masks may not be makeup themselves, but their uses will go a long way to making your cold weather makeup that much more beautiful.

Cold Weather? No Problem.

Makeup is a wonderful thing for many of us. There are some of the opinion that makeup is about hiding things or in some other way being false. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

We are often only able to see our best selves with makeup. It is a gift we give to ourselves. That’s why so many of us end up dedicated to it.

Trying to make sure we make the most of the makeup tends to be the biggest set of lessons that we have to undergo. How we do it depends on the weather just as it depends on our skin type. Figuring out how to avoid particular pitfalls ensures a healthy appearance.

Cold weather’s challenges can be frustrating when we’re first dealing with them. There’s no denying that. Despite this, we can still look our best with just a few adjustments to our normal routines.

Hopefully these tips and secrets will help you to find your best self even as the weather gets colder. Not only will your skin thank you for the effort, but you’ll be sure of having at least a chance to find the perfect cold-weather you.


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