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11 Amazing Eye Makeup Looks to Try

Your eyelids can be the perfect canvas to achieving all kinds of playful aesthetics, from subtle nude looks to glammed up, razor-sharp cat flicks.

And if you’re in the search of new eye makeup inspo, we present you with a curated list of some of the chicest eye looks for every occasion.

From subtle, daytime-friendly looks to full on pigment-packed extravaganza, here are a few of the eye looks we’ve been loving these days.

Keep reading to find out what they are, as well as to see step-by-step explanations on how to achieve them!

Golden Sunset

There’s nothing more sensual that channeling a literal sunset through your makeup. This stunning eye look combines honey, golden and yellow tones to capture those irresistible mellow summertime vibes on your lids.

And if you want to recreate this look, here’s what you need to do.

First, make sure to prime your lids to ensure the longevity and saturation of the eye shadows.

Use a shimmery golden shade as your base color, packing it onto the inner half of the eyelids using a small flat brush.

Use a darker red-coppery shade on the outer half of the lid. Use a matte, brick-toned shade to blend out that color outwards and blur the edges.

For the middle of the lid, use a honey-golden color that will highlight that area and make the whole look come together. To intensify the pigment, spritz a bit setting spray on your brush before you apply the shadow.

Use a clean blending brush to soften the edges of your look. Grab a shimmery, champagne-hued shadow to make the inner corners pop.

Using a small flat brush, apply the colors in the same order on the bottom lid.

Apply your favorite falsies and coat them generously with black mascara to create contrast and make the whole look even more intense.

A Touch of Teal

If you are looking for a standout look, but one that is still quite subtle and can be worn during the day, then this one is absolutely perfect.

This gives your eyes just the right amount of pop, but without overpowering the rest of your face.

For the teal shade to stand out more, make sure that you begin by applying an eye primer, and then follow this up with a light shade of eyeshadow.

When drawing on your line, begin with small strokes, keeping the line close to your upper lash line. Then, if you want to emphasize the color a bit more, you can begin to widen the line that you have already drawn. Finish off with a swipe of mascara, to make your eyes look even bigger and bolder

Two-Toned Pigment

This ultra-modern look features two contrasting shades – plum and red.

To ensure a sharp transition, you can use two pieces of tape that you can apply to the outer corner of the eyes.

Start working on the bottom lid first. Grab a lighter purple shade, then start applying it in swooping motions on the on the under-eye area.

Take a shadow two to three shades deeper and intensify the bottom color.

Remove the tapes, then move onto the top lid. Grab a reddish shade and swipe it across the top lid, including the inner corners.

Move onto a deeper, brick-toned hue and intensify the red, keeping the transitions smooth.

Grab a rose gold hue and use it to highlight the brow bone and the inner corners.

Add a purple eye pencil to the waterline and define the upper lash line with a black eyeliner.

Define the brows using an eyebrow mascara for a more natural effect.

Add mascara on both sets of lashes at this gorgeous, double shadow look is complete.

Electric Blue

Blue is always a gorgeous choice for any eye color, especially if your skin tone is naturally on the cool side.

This eye look combines an intense icy blue with more subdued brown and purple shades.

Begin the look by priming your lids and applying a cool-toned silver shade on the entire lid.

Then, grab an intense glittery blue and use a flat brush to pack it onto the lower and outer part of the lids.

Then, grab a matte dark purple shadow and apply that shade all across the crease using a blending brush.

Grab a smaller brush and intensify the crease using a shadow a shade or two darker than the previous one, especially on the outer corners.

Go back to the blending brush and feather out the look, creating a wing on the outer corner.

Take a silver shade and apply it onto the inner corners to highlight them

Finally, glue on a pair of false lashes and your electric blue look is all done.

Bottom-Heavy Glitter

This look, which just screams festival season, showcases the popular chunky glitter trend in its full splendor.

And to make it even more interesting, the entire focus is on your bottom lid, which makes the look more modern and creative.

This eye look calls for an understated top lid, so all you need to do is prime it to even out the skin tone and perhaps apply a bit of Vaseline or clear gloss to achieve the drenched-in-moisture effect.

Next up, grab a shimmery shadow and apply it in an inverted triangle shape.

Then, take your chunky glitter and pack it onto the same area using a brush to ensure more precise application and avoid messing up your fingers.

Apply a light coat of mascara only on the top lashes, and your chic, festival-ready look is complete.

Pastel Cut Crease

These days, the cut crease eye shadow technique has definitely become the look du jour.

And even though this method might seem a little daunting to makeup rookies, it’s actually really easy to pull off.

First, you need to pick your crease shade. In this case, any taupe color will do the job. Grab a blending brush and apply the shadow all along your crease.

Then, take a deeper shade and use it to intensify the crease and achieve a gradation effect. Once you’re happy with the way the crease looks, grab a flat synthetic brush and apply concealer all over where you want your “new” lid to be.

Then, take a contrasting shade (turquoise or aquamarine will work amazing with this look) and apply it all over where you’ve placed the concealer.

Grab a liquid eyeliner and define the lash line with a thick, ’60-style flick.

Take the shade you’ve used for the crease and apply it on the bottom lash line to define it.

Coat your lashes with two layers of mascara and – bam – that’s all you need to nail the perfect cut crease look.


This unusual, yet incredibly flattering look features an eye-catching contrast of muted purples, glittery blues and vibrant yellows.

To recreate it, take a plum-hued matte shadow and apply it in soft strokes on the crease, the outer corner of your lids.

Then, take a coppery shadow and use it to feather out the purple outwards, making sure its all blended seamlessly.

Next up, take your mustard-hued eye shadow and apply it on the inner corner and the inner half of the bottom lid.

For the cherry on top, grab an electric blue liquid eye shadow and apply it on the center of the lid to highlight it and elevate the whole looks.

Take a champagne shade and use it to add highlight to the brow bone. Coat your lashed in black mascara and the look is finished.

Double-Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner have become such a makeup staple, many women find it hard to imagine going about their day without rocking one.

However, sporting the exact same eyeliner look day after day might become a little uninspiring, especially if the occasion calls for a more dramatic look.

Fret not! The classic winged eyeliner can be jazzed up in many different ways. For example, you can make it more creative by extending the line further into the inner corners and adding another flick.

To achieve this, prep your lid with a bit of primer and a nude-toned eye shadow. Next, draw your winged line as you would on any other day.

Take an ultra-fine brush, dab it into your gel eyeliner and define the inner corner of your eyes as precisely as you can.

Wait for it to dry, then simply draw another flick on top of your already existing one.

And just like that, your eyeliner will suddenly look fresh and stylish!

Earthy Tones

This flattering eye look, which features golden and earthen hues can look amazing on everyone, but especially deeper skin tones.

Prep your lids with an eyelid primer. Next, take a deep red eye shadow and apply it in the crease and just above it using a blending brush.

Afterwards, take a shimmery champagne shadow and apply it across the lid, as well as the inner corners, the brow bone and along the bottom lash line.

Take a clean blending brush and smoothen the edges until the transitions are seamless.

Grab a liquid eyeliner or black pencil and draw a winged line to define the upper lashes.

Apply black pencil on the waterline to further define the eye.

Grab a pair of wispy false lashes and apply them on the top lid.

Then, take bottom falsies, but instead of applying them below the waterline, place them just underneath the gold shadow you applied earlier.

This will make your eye appear even bigger and give the whole look a more exaggerated effect.

Coat the top lashes with mascara and – voila – this stunning eye look is all done.

Awakened Eyes

This look is perfect for those who have hooded or deep-set eyes and are looking for ways to make them appear bigger and more awake.

You can achieve this by priming your lids, then adding a wash of eye shadow that’s a couple of shades lighter than your natural skin tone.

Then, take a transition shade and use a blending brush to apply it just above your crease, focusing on the outer corner.

Intensify the color by adding a deeper shade on the outer triangle.

Highlight the inner corners of the eyes and the brow bone by adding a shimmery pearl shade.

Grab a nude-toned eye pencil and line the waterline. This will give the illusion of a bigger eye. Define the upper lash line using a liquid eyeliner.

Curl your top lashes and add a coat of lash-defining mascara. Alternatively, glue on individual lashes to further open up the eye. 

Sensual Copper

This look, which features a combination of golden and earthy hues, can look amazing on every skin tone.

Moreover, if you go for liquid shadows as opposed to powder ones, you will achieve that smoldering, editorial effect.

If you’ve never used liquid shadows before, you might feel like they could be difficult to work with, but they are actually incredibly user-friendly and can even be applied with fingers for a more nonchalant effect.

Start with a rose gold shadow and apply it all across the lid, as well as the bottom one.

Then take a coppery, brick-hued shadow and use it to blend out the previous shade, brining it all the way up to the brow.

Finally, grab a shimmery gold shade, then dab it onto the center of the lid and in the inner corners.

Apply a brown pencil to the water line and coat your lashes in brown mascara to create a more natural effect.

And with this, we round up our selection of some of the most creative eye looks you can rock on your lids in the days ahead. Whichever one you choose to go with, we have no doubt that it will elevate your everyday beat and make your eyes look chic and sensual for every occasion!


By Lionesse

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